No Sweep For You


flyers win game 4 in ot

So the Flyers won one. There will be no sweep. I have to say that this is not a result that I’m either terribly surprised by or disappointed about. I never thought going into this series that a 4-0 sweep would be in the cards for either team so I can’t really say I was expecting to see it happen tonight.

There’s a strange part of me, by the way, that was feeling a little bit bad for Flyers fans after Game 3 so I almost don’t mind letting them have a little moment here. Maybe it was when I was surfing Philly news sites and saw the mood of a lot of the fans was one of bitter disappointment in their team and genuine, if grudging, respect for the Bruins that I softened a bit. Maybe it was just my twisted affection for Chippy McGuinness rearing it’s ugly head again. I don’t know. It was just difficult to summon much real hatred for them after the beatings they’d endured in the series so far.

That said, I also don’t think the Bruins need to walk away from Game 4 with their heads hung low. There was a lot to like about their game tonight.

  • They scored 4 goals without the services of David Krejci. So much for the offense being damaged beyond repair. I still saw 3 lines out there that were a going concern all night long. Their offensive attack looked potent and smooth.
  • They came back from a 3-1 deficit and tied the game not once but twice, the latter to force the game into overtime when, realistically, they could have easily let the thing go when Philly went up 4-3 late. Give them credit, they refused to lie down even when they could have done so without qualm. The Mojo continues.
  • Two more goals for the Energizer War Dog Mark Recchi. Whatever you’re taking, Mark, I want some. Because you seem to have completely reversed the aging process and are looking like you did in the days you were riding shotgun with Mario Lemieux. Who’s been retired for 14 years.
  • Mark Stuart returned to the line-up and got his feet wet. Looks like it might take him a little time to get into true game shape but when he does it will benefit the Bruins to have the Caveman back on the blue line to bolster that defense even more.
  • Milan Lucic is starting to dominate. No one seems to be able to knock this kid off the puck along the boards. He comes out with it time and time again. His linemates need to start driving to the net or getting open in the slot and let him feed them. Winning those battles and maintaining possession like that is something that will flat out win games for you and Lucic looks like he’s in top form right now.
  • So a lot of good, considering it was a loss. The teams will return to Boston for Game 5 on Monday night when I fully expect the Bruins to put on a full court press to wrap this series up. The Garden faithful will be doing everything to help facilitate that, as well, I’m sure and the team should respond in kind.

    In the meantime, I just want to be sure and remind them of the other responsibilities they have this weekend.

    Call your Mothers, boys!


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