Twisted Wrister


Reports are coming in that David Krejci may be done for the season with a broken wrist sustained from a clean but vicious open ice hit from the Flyer’s Mike Richards last night. It would be a serious blow to the Bruins’ offense and damaging indeed to their hopes of progressing further through the Stanley Cup Playoffs, if and when they dispose of this hapless Philadelphia team.

Folks in Boston will hold their breath until official word comes down but it’s not looking good at the moment.


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7 Responses to “Twisted Wrister”

  1. toni Says:

    i dont understand why everyone is freaking out about this. yes we lost a great player who brings a ton of offense, but what did they do when savvy was out? they played hard, got into the playoffs and won a series. they will do the same thing with krejci and sturm out. besides, if the loss of krejci was so huge last night, how did they win? and it wasnt even a close game it was 4-1. one last thing, our young players like sobotka will step up, theyve done it before, they will do it again.

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    I like your optimism, Toni. The Bruins are certainly carrying some serious Mojo here in the playoffs and I’m hoping just as much as you that this won’t hurt them as bad as a lot of folks think it will.

    I’m not freaking out, trust me. I’m just being realistic about what losing a player of that calibre will do to your offense. Aside from being a constant threat and scoring some very clutch goals, Krejci’s line was spreading out the opposing team’s checking game. Now, there’s one less going concern to focus your checking unit on and they blanket Savard’s line more easily. And, yes, without Savard they beat Buffalo and without Krejci they should beat Philadelphia.

    But Buffalo and Philly are not the Penguins. A series like that is where you’ll miss the kind of gun David Krejci can be.

    Still, the B’s success is not built on high powered offense but team defense and goaltending and those aspects of their game should remain more or less intact. That’s the hope, anyway.

    Bottom line, though? When you subtract David Krejci from your team and add Trent Whitfield?

    It ain’t a good thing.

    • toni Says:

      I understand that he is such a big player to our team and believe me, it hurts that he’s gone. But what im saying is is that if the bruins really want this, then the will give it their everything, especially after the regular season they’ve had.

      I’m actually hoping that they don’t add Whitfield and they add someone else. I’m not a big fan of Whitfield, that is a definite step down from Krejci. I know Krejci will be missed, but what I’m really looking at is what they did when Savvy went down. They will overcome this. I’m not nervous whatsoever, the only reason why i said something was cuz i was getting texts from everyone i know saying “The Bruins are screwed, their done.” I don’t believe so. The goal tending and defense I am soo unbelievably confident in, unless Mcquaid (although I don’t want him hurt, just not playing in the NHL yet.) is on the ice. I’m extremely happy he went down. Now we get Stuart back and we upgrade from him. That makes me smile, haha.

      With our goaltending (TUUKKATIME!) and our solid defense, i really have no worries about facing Pittsburgh. I’m too confident in this team. They will step up, believe me.

      By the way, LOVE the blog. Just recently found it, I’ve been wondering why i didnt find it earlier! Great job, one of my favorites.

  3. toni Says:

    One more thing, Pittsburgh isn’t really known for their defense and goal tending, another reason why I’m not nervous to face them, if we do. If we shut down their offense, we’ll actually have a shot.

  4. Ken Socrates Says:

    Another shot at Cooke, too. Now that would be fun. Though, the way the Habs are playing (tied up that series at 2-2 tonight) I’m not as sure it will be the Penguins in the next round.

    Some interview clips from today’s practice would seem to suggest the Bruins think the way you do, Toni. Milan Lucic actually sort of laughed off the question of playing without Krejci, listing all the numerous guys they’ve had to play without all season long and saying, “We’re kind of used to it.”

    Gotta like the attitude, that’s for sure.

    It’ll be Whitfield or, if they decide to shift Begin back to center, Marchand who comes into the line-up on Friday. My guess is Whitfield because of his experience (14 games of NHL playoffs with Washington).

    And thanks for the compliments and for hanging out with us here. We try to make it fun and always appreciate folks like you adding to the mix with comments and opinions. And slow cooker recipes.

    I’m a big fan of beef stew, if you happen to know a good one for that.

  5. toni Says:

    Haha, I don’t sorry. I’m not the cooker in the house yet, but if my mom finds a good one, I’ll letcha know 😉

    I saw that Looch interview. I just think thats a mutual feeling in the locker room. It’s already been tough, and it was definantly tougher in the regular season than right now. Some players have really found their game.

    The Habs are giving them a run for their money, thats for sure. I think it will be interesting either way. They have a chance, now we just have to wait and see.

    And what you said about your blog is definantly working. It’s awesome, bottom line. haha

  6. KofC Says:

    I was away Thurs. and called my Boston-area friend to see if he could update me on yesterday’s games during my bus ride (no, cable was off) and he said the same thing about Krejci as a loss for the team and I tried to use the Savard argument. He was kind of cynical/hopeless about their chances. Penguins are tough, no doubt, but not unbeatable…even Montreal’s giving them trouble now.

    I’m not crazy about the “Possibly related” feature on WordPress but I’ve got to say I’m amused this entry came up here:
    “850-PLUMBER is a proud sponsor of the Pensacola Ice Flyers Hockey team!”

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