Suck On That, NBC


Seriously, guys.

You blew it and you know it.

Whatever genius at NBC it was that decided to move the broadcast of the USA vs. Canada game to MSNBC in favor of another glorious evening of Ice Dancing has got to have a few unpleasant meetings to attend today. There has to be a memo or two on his/her desk this morning from higher up the corporate heirarchy and it’s not going to be about planning the company picnic this spring.

What happened was you completely missed out on showing what is surley to be remembered as one of the most compelling, thrilling, dramatic, intensely played events at the entire 2010 Games. A game for the ages, played with the ferocity of a Stanley Cup Game Seven where every play, every move became a moment of mesmerizing high drama. In the end, there was a monumental upset that uplifted one nation (at least that nation’s hockey fans) and crushed another.

And you fuckers missed it.

The unforgivable thing is, of course, that everyone knew ahead of time that it would be like this. The hype was truly cosmic in scale. It was the event of the games up to this point, as far as the locals were concerned, and you failed to take any of that into account. Just a moronic move considering your network actually carries the NHL itself and could use a little promotion, don’t you think?

Of course, I’m making the mistake of thinking actual journalism or serious sports coverage is a concern for anyone involved with the network broadcast of these games. If it was, they wouldn’t have moved the broadcast of an Event like this.

I guess we, as viewers, need to consider who we’re dealing with here, though. This is the same network that just turned the whole Jay Leno/Conan O’Brian thing into a national media embarrassment. Good luck riding Ol’ Giant Chin right into the ratings cellar, guys. People are going to love his shit, now, aren’t they?

Just a fiasco, the whole thing. Bob Costas, in his seven o’clock open to the NBC broadcast didn’t even mention the fact that there was a hockey game on. Not even, “Oh, and for those of you interested, the United States and Canada are about to play the most dramatic, enthralling game that the 2010 Games have seen so far but to watch it you’ll have to track down MSNBC on your basic cable and watch it in low definition. And now, back to Ice Dancing With The Stars.”

So what are the chances, now, that they’ll jump on this story and start showing some of the upcoming games? Good but they may have missed the boat if this was the high water mark for this US team. There’s no guarantee the US and Canada will meet again in this tournament for a rematch so that ship might have sailed on you.

I could rant on about this but it’s a tired subject, really. In my previous post I lamented the modern network coverage of the Olympics and how it waters down my interest in the games. Nothing new, really. It’s just a shame that this game was missed by so many who could have enjoyed it and had their eyes opened to the sport of hockey by such an event. The names Ryan Miller, Brian Rafalski, Ryan Kesler and Chris Drury should be on the lips of more Americans this morning than just the puck loving enthusiasts who already know who they are.

Instead of the guys who skate in sequins.


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2 Responses to “Suck On That, NBC”

  1. Ozzy McGurt Says:

    Nailed it Ken. On. The. Head.

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    The good news is that NBC is paying for their crimes. Having shelled out $820 Million up front for the rights to broadcast the games and the ratings, in no small part due to their own mismanagement of the package, not what they hoped for, the network looks to lose about $250 Million on these Olympics. Ouch.

    The man leading the way on this, by the way, is someone named Gary Zenkel. President of NBC Olympics.

    Get ready to be a one term executive, Gary.

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