The Matt Cooke, You Dirty Fucker Page

Evidence that Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Penguins is, without a doubt, the Dirtiest Player in the entire NHL.

Matt Cooke elbows Marc Savard to the head.

Matt Cooke elbows Artem Anisimov to the head.

Matt Cooke goes knee-on-knee to Erik Cole.

Matt Cooke kicks Chris Osgood in the head.

And another. Matt Cooke’s hit from behind on Mathieu Roy.

Still looking for video on his blow to the head of Scott Walker and his spearing incident against Matt Johnson.

Then there’s this biting incident against the Flyers’ Arron Asham in January.

Another. Elbowing the Rangers’ Ryan McDonough on March 20th, 2011:

Like Steve Jones said.

You dirty fucker.

Somebody needs to take care of this animal and soon.


4 Responses to “The Matt Cooke, You Dirty Fucker Page”

  1. Goon Squad Says:

    This looks somewhat familiar.
    I did a piece very similar to this.
    Coincidentally it was about a member of this very same team:

  2. James Says:

    I really hope the NHL will serve some “real” justice. Suspend him till just before the 18th so he can be back on the ice against the B’s next Thursday. I really don’t know how this guy is still playing hockey. If I was playing against him I wouldn’t be able to hold back from cross checking him to the neck….. literally.

  3. gonz Says:

    And the dirty fucker continues. Sunday, there was his knee-to-knee hit on Ovechkin. Then, last night, there was his charge against the Jackets’ Tyutin. He’ll get four games for that one when the punk ass should get 10.

  4. Jeff Says:

    YESSSSSSSS Yessss indeed buddy. i cant thank you enough. i constantly refer to this bastard as a dirty fucker and just decided to type it in to see if anybody had come up with something and lone behold ur fine ass has made this page. thank you good sir. somebody needs to take his head off. not a fight or a clean hit. end him like tucker hit kapanen or stevens on lindros. god forbid i get the chance to be a coach or gm and send somebody on the ice to shadow him like bertuzzi did steve moore.

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