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June 7, 2013


Improbable? Maybe. Glorious? Definately.


Grapes: Sidney Crosby, No Longer A Pussy

May 2, 2009

The Kid’s alright.

That’s the summation now emanating from the lips of the man known as Grapes, Don Cherry. Sidney “Cindy Crysob” Crosby, long time a whipping boy for the Coach’s Corner commentator, is now getting respect from the man who brought us Rock’em Sock’em Hockey.

Never mind that Crosby still whines and bitches and gripes like a little gal. No matter that he dives and embelishes like an Italian soccer forward.

Perhaps Crosby has grown up a bit. Maybe he is becoming a complete player. Yet, only the most homertastic Pengs fan doesn’t see what a majority of the rest of the league’s fans can see: this kid is a diving whiner and the refs need to quit protecting him.

Does the NHL really need the Hockey equivalent of Christian Ronaldo as its face of the game?