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Healthy Scratchawk

April 1, 2011

So the Blackhawks’ 6′-8″ 258 pound certified goon John Scott decided to chime in on the Shawn Thornton “chirping” incident during Tuesday’s game at TD Garden where Thornton took a 40 stitch cut to his forehead and was then taunted by one or more of the mongoloids sitting on the Chicago bench as he exited the rink bleeding like a stuck pig. Thornton has suggested that if he finds out who it was he would deal with it accordingly. Hearing this, Scott responded.


“He said that? That’s fine. He can say what he wants. He’s going after some of our littlest guys on our team to start a fight. He’s trying to challenge (Fernando) Pisani to a fight. What’s that say about him?

“He’s Mr. Tough Guy and he’s trying to challenge Pisani. If I’m in the lineup, he’s more than welcome to come chirp at me. I’ll kick the shit out of him.”

Of course, a moment later Scott is also saying that he wouldn’t do that sort of thing, taunt an injured player from the bench as they sought medical attention, suggesting he understands just how classless and dumb some of his own teammates are. We’ve certainly seen from some of the post Cup win shows on the NHL Network following the Hawks in the off-season that teeny bopper Patrick Kane is a guy who might struggle through a junior high school quiz. And when I say struggle, I mean figuring out which end of the pencil to write with.

Scott again, on taunting an injured guy:

“I don’t know if I’d do that, Thornton is a stand-up guy.”

Okay. So then maybe someone on your own team needs the shit kicked out of them, Mr. Scott? You’ll have to do it during practice though, likely, as you’re not seeing much game action lately. You were a healthy scratch on Tuesday (again – for like the 40th time this season) so maybe “chirping” about what happened during the actual game might be outside your limited realm of knowledge.

I seriously doubt, by the way, that Thornton ever challenged Pisani. Trash talk has it’s time and place and I’m sure a lot of guys do it. The limits to it are based on one’s own sense of ethics, however. Where and when you decide to do it, in which situation, is something that can certainly define your character.

Apparently there are some Hawks who have none.


Who Said What?

March 30, 2011

So what two classless, mouth breathing fuck sticks on the Chicago Blackhawks felt the need to taunt Shawn Thornton as he skated by their bench with a fresh, J-shaped 40-stitch gash opened up on his head, bleeding profusely? See Thornton’s reaction below (as well as the ref’s) to get an idea of just how inflammatory it must have been to get a guy with a giant, new mouth on his forehead to stop on his way to getting serious medical attention and want to beat the crap out of you.

The cut was from an accidental hit from Fernando Pisani’s skate in a collision behind the Boston net. Peter Chiarelli, on 98.5 with Toucher and Rich this morning, refused to identify who or what was said but there is a chance that Thornton himself, scheduled to be on that same show tomorrow morning, might have more to say about the incident.

I want to know who it was and what was said. If there’s a couple of inbred, pig fuckers in the NHL (besides Matt Cooke, Sean Avery and Steve Ott) that astoundingly brain damaged I, for one, want them identified and legally barred from ever producing offspring.

You know what? Fuck you, Chicago. I hope the B’s win the Cup just so Shawn Thornton can bring it to those two guys’ hometowns on his day with it and shove it up their asses.

Bruins looked great, by the way, stomping the ‘Hawks 3-0 in a commanding win that earned Vezina frontrunner Tim Thomas his 9th shutout of the year.

UPDATE: Thornton was indeed on the radio this (Thursday) morning but still claimed to not know who it was “chirping” at him from the Chicago bench. He seemed surprised to hear that Chiarelli’s reaction indicated he did know and that it was two, not one, players. Thornton seemed to think it was one and said that if he found out who he would deal with it in his own way at some later date.

What was said was something akin to, or exactly like, “Get off the ice you fucking faggot.”

Nice. Real nice. Would have sounded great if it turned out he had lost an eye or had a fractured skull or something. Brilliant stuff from the Blackhawks there.

Thornton, by the way, was on 98.5 to promote Cuts For A Cause, a charity event that benefits the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medial Center, a pediatric cancer institution. People can bid to shave a Bruin’s head and hang out with the team at what has become one of the most enjoyable charity events the team has been involved with in recent years. Thornton took over the running of it when Aaron Ward left town

Seems like he’s already got his Cut for the Cause, though, eh?

‘Nuff Said Boys

February 4, 2011

Not much more I can say about this one, folks. If you saw it, you know what I mean. Possibly the most glorious period of hockey I have seen in twenty years or so. Enjoy some of the highlights even if you’ve seen it ten times already. Me, I could watch it 1000 times and not get tired of it.

Those were all Big Boy fights, kids. No WWF crap, there. Real, honest to goodness face beatings. With purpose.

And the clip doesn’t even include what might have been the most impressive fight of them all when Andrew Ference stepped up against Adam Burish to defent a blatant late, after-the-whistle shot on Tuukka Rask and dropped him hard.

What Boston hockey fan’s wet dreams are made of.

Stamping Tampa

December 2, 2010

boston bruins

I’m pretty sure I heard Jack Edwards have a couple of actual on-air orgasms during the Bruins wildly entertaining 8-1 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning at home tonight. In fact, after Mark Recchi scored the team’s seventh goal, he leapt from the broadcast booth into the stands and was body surfing the TD Garden crowd in a crucifiction pose. It was that much fun.

Some noteworthy events besides the offensive explosion and Edwards’ manic revelry.

  • The return of Marc Savard. He didn’t look too bad, actually, and I find myself drooling over what he and Tyler Seguin could possibly do skating together. That’s a shit-load of quickness and talent working together. Add in the reborn Michael Ryder and suddenly the B’s have another wickedly dangerous scoring line. Certainly tonight was a massive tease in that respect. We’ll see how it develops.
  • Dennis Seidenberg’s sleight of hand goal to make it 2-0 just before the end of the 1st was a little slice of genius, faking Mike Smith out of the net on a supposed dump-in that he fired right on goal before Smith could adjust. Love goals like that. Makes the goaltender look like a right fool, that’s for sure.
  • A consistent, relentless attack and regular displays of real emotion from the entire team. They looked on the same page, finally, from the opening face-off where Shawn Thornton was jousting and yapping with David Tyrell. Chara had a big hit and played well. Lucic was an ongoing concern. Boychuck busted out that cannon of a shot from the point. Seemed like the entire team came to play physically. A beautiful thing to watch and it leaves one dreaming of more of the same. The B’s play like that they will sure as hell win a lot more than they lose. Hopefully, they understand that now.
  • David Krejci was dominant. Masterful with the puck. When he’s on his game he makes it look absolutely effortless. Total control, easy little plays that either spring other’s for genuine scoring chances or create his own. I think his recovery from his own concussion may be complete now as he becomes less tenative and feels more comfortable out there. He looked good tonight.
  • All in all one of the more entertaining games I can remember seeing in ages.

    Now somebody go call Jack Edwards from out of the rafters where he’s been swinging around the banners screaming like an out of control chimpanzee. It’s time to turn the lights out so the Bull Gang can go home.

    Good Times Garden

    November 19, 2010

    Things are going well when a guy scores a hat trick and is the second star of the game.

    The party atmosphere at TD Garden was thanks to a phenomanal game by Tuukka Rask who made 41 saves to earn his first win of the year via a 4-0 shutout of the visiting Florida Panthers. The Bruins were a bit on their heels all night with Panther forwards buzzing around Rask’s goal but the young Finnish netminder rescued everyone’s bacon with save after save.

    In the end, it allowed Milan Lucic to slam home three goals for his second career hat trick. Cue the music and dancing. Fun times at the Beantown Rink.

    Lucic is blossoming in a big way this season. He’s becoming the sort of Power Forward that NHL scouts have wet dreams about. Big, nasty and talented. The puck is going in for him like never before in his career. One thing is certain, the man is finally healthy. I don’t think we can discount just how badly that high ankle sprain hampered his game last season. We all said it at the time. He wasn’t the same player.

    So welcome back, Looch. You have arrived in style, for sure.

    Nathan Horton had three assists on all three Lucic goals. The Bruins’ number one line, even without pivot David Krejci, is becoming one of the killer lines in the entire NHL. Something to keep other teams’ coaches awake at night before they play Boston.

    The fun part is that we all know the team can play better, too. With Krejci back and a guy like Boychuk shaking off the rust, the team’s performance will only improve. You now have what might be the best goaltending tandem in the entire League. Think about it. A recent Vezina winner currently leading the league in all goaltending statistical categories in Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask, the guy who finished the year as the leader in those same categories last season.

    It’s all going pretty well. Hell, Shawn Thornton has 4 goals. Talk about a gentleman who deserves a little success. Go toe-to-toe with the nastiest pugilists the NHL has to offer (last night it was Darcy Hordichuk) then go out an pop one in the net in the third period. How valuable is a guy who can do that and also play a solid defensive game on your grinding line? The Bruins seem to have all the puzzle pieces falling into place this season and last night was a great example of how excellent things can be when that happens.

    Good times, indeed.

    Who Gets Neil?

    November 13, 2010
    milan lucic chris neil

    Who's Up For A Beat Down?

    Not to be a total mouth breathing knuckle dragger but the main question in my mind going into tonight’s game against Ottawa at TD Garden is who is Chris Neil going to have to answer to for jumping Dennis Seidenberg at the end of the October 30th game between the B’s and Senators? Milan Lucic, who has bloodied Neil badly in previous fights or maybe Shawn Thornton, who has beaten him on a number of occasions?

    I would say that it was those losses that has led to Neil’s last two fights against the Bruins being Seidenberg and Steve Begin, neither of whom are remotely in his class. But that’s what getting your ass kicked will do, I guess. Turn you into a chicken shit punk.

    Certainly, according to former Senators teammate Brian McGrattan, that’s been Neil’s MO for a long time. Quite an indictment.

    All I know is that, at some point, Neil will need to answer for himself tonight.

    Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

    Update: Well, it was Chara and I wish it hadn’t been because it was a crap fight and then a crap game to follow. Why can’t Big Z keep his balance in a fight these days? Is it simply a function of being so awkwardly tall? Because that was embarrassing. Mark Recchi looked better in his bout with Chris Campoli.

    Bruins 1-3-1 in last five games now.

    The only good news is the Leafs lost to Vancouver to bring their losing streak to eight.

    Pitt Stop

    November 10, 2010

    campbell talbot

    Very nice win for the Bruins tonight in Pittsburgh. Down 4-2 going into the 3rd period, they responded by scoring the next 5 goals of the game to take home a rousing 7-4 victory over the Penguins.

    It was nice for many reasons.

  • A win right after losing Krejci is a big boost for morale, I think. Shows them (and us) that they can do it and feeds into the sort of positive team-wide mojo you need to win games when one of your superstars is out. Full team contributions. 15 different players with points.
  • Responding physically to a team that tried to assert some sort of presence in their own building. In three excellent fights the B’s answered the bell and answered Pitt’s attempt to go all macho on them. Shawn Thornton with a clear win over Eric Godard in the heavyweight bout of the night. Gregory Campbell swinging for the fences against Maxime Talbot. Another wild one had Arron the Misspelled Asham against Adam McQuaid.
  • Speaking of Thornton, he does it again on the offensive side, too. Scores the go ahead goal to make it 5-4, unassisted at 12:40 of the third. B’s never looked back. First you beat up Eric Godard, then you score the game the game winner. It’s good to be the King.
  • Matt Hunwick and Dennis Seidenberg both finished the game +3.
  • Right back home for a game against another bitter rival, the Montreal Canadiens. Momentum will be on their side I think.
  • I don’t want to be dramatic but could a game like htis be a Defining Moment in the same way that a certain game against the Penguins last year was a defining moment for last season? Long way to go, I know, but I’m always trying to read the signs that might tell me if it’s going to be a good season or not. Looks to me like this is a different Bruins team completely from the one that soiled the mattress last season.

    Which is a good thing.

    The Coward’s Way

    October 30, 2010

    chris neil dennis seidenberg

    That should have been an instigator to Chris Neil.


    Automatic suspension for the dumb animal and a $10,000 dollar fine to the coach.

    Dennis Seidenberg has to be thinking, “Jesus, I came to Ottawa and had a great night kicking the hell out of the Senators so why the fuck do I need to have my head punched by some mouth-breathing goon to finish it off?”

    Seriously, Chris Neil. It was Dennis Seidenberg you jumped.



    Are you that big a pussy or were you just tired of having your own face beat in by Milan Lucic and Shawn Thornton lately so you go after a non-fighter? You should be ashamed of yourself. Of course, what should we expect from “fellows” who go around dressed like this before a hockey game.

    chris neil gay ottawa senator

    Anyway, Bruins are playing astonishingly well and it’s about as entertaining as it gets right now.

    Share and enjoy.

    McGrattan In Camp

    September 14, 2010

    brian mcgrattan boston bruins

    Word that the Bruins have invited former Ottawa and Calgary heavyweight Brian McGrattan to camp on a tryout basis. Good news for us cementheads out here but a wee head scratcher for Shawn Thornton, I imagine. Recently signed for two years and widely regarded as one of the more intelligent, capable and modestly talented pugilists in the game, he has to be wondering why the team would want McGrattan around.

    Other than for pure entertainment in the pre-season, that is.

    McGrattan played in the Senator’s system during Peter Chiarelli’s time there so maybe that’s the genesis of it. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, I say. Tune in to those exhibition games and watch out in Providence. Gratts is nothing if not interesting to watch.

    Thornton Gets Two

    June 4, 2010

    shawn thornton new contract

    And Kathryn Tappen gets the scoop.

    According to her post on, rugged Bruins winger Shawn Thornton has got his wish to remain in Boston and signed a contract for a reported two more years. The 32 year-old was set to become an unrestricted free agent but had not been shy about publicly expressing his desire to remain in Black and Gold.

    It’s a good resigning, not just because of the toughness factor Thornton brings to the table and the fact that he is one of the more intelligent and honorable scrappers in the league. He also showed, throughout all the turmoil on the team during the 2009-10 season, that he was one of the few guys on the team you could rely on for consistent leadership, on and off the ice. His is the sort of character the Bruins need more of. Add in some reasonable talent, for his role, decent defensive sensibilities and this one was a no-brainer.

    The remaining five B’s unrestricted free agents are as follows, with age and last year’s salary included.

      Mark Recchi, 42, $1,000,000

      Miroslav Satan, 35, $700,000

      Steve Begin, 31, $850,000

      Dennis Seidenberg, 28, $2,250,000

      Johnny Boychuk, 26, $500,000

    I think the focus here has to be on the two defensemen, if they can be had at reasonable prices. The danger is that a guy like Boychuk, who showed dramatic improvement in his all around game this season and into the playoffs, will draw some serious attention around the league because of his age. Seidenberg, as well, will not be cheap but he was a steadying influence on the blue line playing with Zdeno Chara when he came on board at the trade deadline and the vibe is that Chiarelli wants him back.

    It’s not going to be easy considering the fact that the Bruins have an estimated $10 million to spend under the cap and some restricted free agents like Mark Stuart, Blake Wheeler, Vladimir Sobotka and Daniel Paille to sign. They remain saddled with some fairly hefty contracts like those of Michael Ryder, Marco Sturm and Tim Thomas and likely few trading partners for said contracts thanks to the age, health and performance of those players.

    As a result, there will be some tough choices to be made and any way you slice it as things will be extremely tight. They desperately need help on the wing and are not likely to have much bank available for free agent signings. I’m not sure bringing back Recchi or Satan at this point in their careers is a great option, as much as I enjoyed what they did in the post-season. However, that level of pay, under $1 million, is likely the range the Bruins will be shopping in for help at forward and I’m just not sure what other serviceable help might be out there at those prices.

    All in all, it makes the upcoming entry draft all that more crucial.

    We want Hall.