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June 7, 2013


Improbable? Maybe. Glorious? Definately.


Worst Blogger of the Year So Far

November 2, 2010

You know, I’ve always enjoyed Kukla’s Korner. A good place to find a wide variety of up to date hockey info, links to relevant stories in out of town papers and various blogs. But I’ve become annoyed with it lately.

Mostly because of this guy: The Puck Stops Here.

It’s not just that his idea of sports blogging is to click on the stats leaders pages of whatever major site he uses for info and then proclaim the top guys as early favorites for NHL awards, a good example being how, one week into the season, he announced Brad Richards as his Early Season MVP and, about a week later, after a hot few games from Steven Stamkos, he switched his pick in an article that should have been titled Steven Stamkos: Good Player.

How about yesterday’s article which, in an astonishing change of direction, he decides to tell us which AHL team has been the best one so far, according to the standings. A click on the AHL’s website tells us it’s the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins. I’ll let our man explain why:

They have played eight games and won them all. This makes them the only undefeated team in the league.

Really? You play eight games an win them all and that makes you undefeated?

It’s just bad writing folks. Like reading a particularly mediocre high school essay. Decent blogging should be more than looking at stat pages and stating the obvious. It has to be more interesting than that and Kukla’s Korner has stained their reputation a bit allowing this guy into the fold. Sorry, but it’s true. The relentless articles like Early Norris Leader and Rookie of the Year So Far are so mindless it’s hardly worth a look. I almost feel guilty drawing attention to his stuff.

Of course, the gentleman insists, as folks in the comment sections mock his work, that these sort of picks are interesting because they “generate statistical data on the public record, which can be looked into to learn about hockey”.

I’m sorry but the only statistical data I can think of produced by this sort of writing would be how many bloggers picked Brad Richards as an Hart contender six games into the season and then switched it up to the leagues leading goalscorer as soon as he got hot.

Results: One.

The puck, indeed, needs to stop right there.