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More Cheap Thoughts

March 12, 2010

Some random, assorted tidbits, news and ideas, gossip and vague notions that have accumulated during the day’s travels.

The Bruins are being extremely (wisely) tight lipped about what might happen next Thursday when Matt Cooke and the Penguins come to town. Peter Chiarelli twice referenced lawsuits related to the Todd Bertuzzi/ Steve Moore incident when he refused comment during a local radio interview. Shawn Thornton also refused specific comment on that same station and when the hosts substituted the word “fight” for “grilled cheese” it led to some amusing conversation.

Paraphrasing, “What if you wanted to have a grilled cheese with someone but that person wouldn’t sit down to eat, is there any way you could force feed the grilled cheese to that person?”

Thornton, “I think you’d be sitting down to eat with someone other than the one the grilled cheese was originally intended.”

I’ll get the audio on that on at some point if you want a giggle or two.

Otherwise, the atmosphere here is pretty ugly. I’ve heard people calling for fans to do something to Cooke at the game if the players would not, just insane stuff. The craziest so far? A fan noted that Colin Campbell has a son, Greg, who plays for the Florida Panthers, who the Bruins play on April 1st. The guy suggested B’s players target the kid in order to “send a message” to his father about the non-suspension. I’m serious, folks. There’s a mood in the air in Bruins Nation right now that is downright scary.

In reference to Campbell, the Text of the Day, sent to Gonz: “Colin Campbell has his head so far up his ass he almost has his ass up his ass.”

Marc Savard is very likely done for the season now after showing little improvement in a visit to Mass General and specialists there.

Anyone familair with what we do here or our work over at the KSWNO will understand why we like the latest addition to the sidebar there, Distinct Kicking Motion. Looks to me, for hard hitting, no nonsense hockey news, there isn’t anyone on top of the game like these guys. Check out their articles on the Savard incident and Chris Chelios to see for yourself. Excellent stuff.

I’ve been obsessively playing NHL10 on the PS3 on Be A GM mode for hours on end lately. First thing I did, first day on the job, is traded Blake Wheeler, Michael Ryder and Dennis Wideman for any fucking thing I could get. I’m not saying I was born to do the job but I have got my team to the Cup Finals two years in a row and, if I hadn’t simmed the games, might have won. The most amusing part of the game is, to simulate the draft, the game makes up draftees by just combining the first and last names of other NHL players in the database. Thus, my star rookie LW, Jaromir Cechmanek.

Daniel Carcillo was being a bit of a donkey last night in the B’s surprisingly excellent 5-1 win against the Flyers in Philly. Lost a fight in the 1st to Caveman Mark Stuart and, in the 3rd, while trying to get into it with little Matt Hunwick of all people, slapped the hand and shoved a linesman, earning himself a 10-minute misconduct.

Anyone seen that trailer for Tron Legacy yet? Maybe this is my eighties roots rearing their ugly head again but that thing left the 12 year old in me, who spent seemingly thousands of hours playing that game at the local cinema arcade and watched the original with near religious awe, drooling with anticipation.

Now excuse me, I need to go listen to some Big Country.



June 7, 2009

Hello.  My name is Chippy McGuinness.  Some of you may know me as the resident sports writer for the Ken Socrates World News Organization.  Others may know me from the criminal charges and medical insurance claims filed by my ex-husband over the past year.  I’m pleased to have been invited by the proprietor of this fine outlet to contribute here at Hockey Gone Wild, a decision I definitely intend to work hard at making him regret.

While I have nothing but respect for Mr. Socrates’ beloved Boston Bruins and their rich history graced with stories of victory, passion and committing acts of assault against crowds at Madison Square Garden, I believe he might be overdue for a real lesson in what genuinely constitutes the proper definition of tough.

Tough is winning two Stanley Cups back-to-back using the raw tactics of aggression, intimidation and threats of physical violence. 

Tough is holding the record for the most penalty minutes in a single NHL season for over three decades, as Dave Schultz has, having earned a whopping 472 in 1975.

Tough is having one of your young players currently leading the League in penalty minutes, with Danny Carcillo appearing to be poised to break Schultz’s record at some point in his career.

Tough is having a rule forbidding dirty tactics named after you.

Tough is telling Eric Lindros to go fuck himself at the height of his career.

Tough is frightening every other guy in the League so badly, they name a disease after your team, as the Philly Flu spread to epidemic levels in the 1970s.

Tough is having one of your former draft picks fatally stab a referee and then hide the body, even if Ladislav Scurko didn’t get away with it.

That’s tough.  The Bruins may have an admirable grit, but they’ll never surpass the Philadelphia Flyers on sheer ferocity, vehemence and outright mindless thuggery.  That’s something to be proud of.

Also, I’m not sure if it was made clear before the police broke up our last office party, but I should also warn Ken Socrates that if this incident is ever referred to around here as anything more or less than a tie, his balls are going to be an ingredient in my next batch of chili.  I might consider removing them first.

Thanks for having me, Ken.  Hopefully, I won’t scare your readers away.

Chippy On The Pens

April 29, 2009

Well, when we saw the Philadelphia Flyers eliminated in the first round by the Pittsburgh Penguins we knew damn well there was one person out there hurting more than the rest. And that person was whatever guy it was had the misfortune of sitting next to Chippy McGuinness at the bar as those final seconds of the series ticked off and Sidney Crosby and Co. skated out to congratulate their goaltender.

Dude is probably still trying to locate his teeth amidst the broken glass and dried blood on the floor of the place.

Many of you already know Chippy as the firecracker sports reporter for the KSWNO, our original powerhouse media outlet. Many of you on business trips to the Anaheim Convention Center know her in a different way, who knows. Regardless, it is undeniable that her approach to the game of hockey is one of the key inspirations for the very site you are now reading. She has always been an ardent promoter of the brand of rugged, hard-nosed hockey played by Dave Schultz and the Broadstreet Bullies of times gone by, something that has endeared her to us beyond all measure.

Plus, she can kick each and every one of our asses anytime she wants. So why not be nice to her, eh?

Check out her latest article at the KSWNO for more evidence of why they call her the Bob Probert of sports journalism.

Maybe, if we’re lucky, she’ll drop by here from time to time.

Maybe we’ll even survive the experience.