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Bruins Belfast Bound

September 29, 2010

boston bruins ireland

Guinness anyone?

I know my old pal Gonz/Odd Brian wouldn’t mind attacking a pint or two, like Chris Nilan going after Kenny Linseman between the benches that night at the old Garden, in order to celebrate the next stop on the Boston Bruins’ exhibition game schedule. Of course, he’s likely going to be at Molly Malone’s hoisting a few, anyway, as his Cincinnati Reds have clinched the NL Central to earn their first Playoff appearance and division title since 1995. Those are some fans that deserve to celebrate, my friends. Those fans are real baseball fans. They love their team with a passion that’s almost carnal, I tell you. Rock on, Cinci. The Sox are done so it’s up to them Red Stockings.

But, yes, folks, the Black and Gold are indeed off to Belfast, Ireland to play the Belfast Giants Selects, a squad of what are essentially all-stars from the United Kingdom’s Elite League. The game will take place at 2 p.m. Eastern Time and I, for one, can’t wait to watch it. You think those lads over there won’t have something to prove? I guarantee you they give the B’s a game and, if it gets physical, the B’s will want to respond in kind. Should be fun to watch.

And tell me the Bruins aren’t going to have a good time travelling in Ireland. Might be a great team building experience, when you think about it. Seeing the Old Country, welcomed by the locals like celebrities, shown a good time. A visit to a pub or two for some laughs with Terry O’Reilly. Except for Tyler Seguin, that is. What is the legal drinking age in Ireland, anyone know?

This is the sort of thing that might propel a team to a great season and, just maybe, all the way to the Stanley Cup. Who knows?

What? You don’t believe in the Luck of the Irish? Or you think maybe I’ve been drinking as I wrote this.

Anyway, it should be fun viewing. I’m guessing NESN has a camera crew travelling with them so we’ll get to see some of what the off-ice activities are like for the team.

Six players, however, not heading to the Emerald Isle are Zach Hamill, Joe Colborne, Steve Kampfer, Jeremy Reich, Jeff LoVecchio, and Wyatt Smith. All returned to Rhode Island begin the season with the Providence Bruins.