NHL Fights 2009-10

Fights worth checking out from the new season. Updated frequently so check back.

Tanner Glass eats a few from Cam Janssen in this extended bout but hangs in there pretty well, considering. No doubt about the winner but the Jake LaMotta Award goes to Glass. You never got me down, Cam.

For the fifth time in their careers, Arron Asham and Cam Janssen do the dance and they do not disappoint. This is tough man hockey, my friends. For Asham to get up and keep rumbling after a couple shots like that is all you need to know about the kind of toughness it takes to play that kind of game. Incredible fight.

Great ,thumping scrap between Jody Shelley and Eric Godard. Always like Godard as one of the toughest hombres in the modern NHL but Shelley impresses me in this one with a couple nasty, rocking shots.

Finally, one worth taking note of. A couple good punches thrown there and Jackman looks like he just did some Scanning. Decent scrap.

Marathon bout in the Battle of Alberta series between two big sluggers. FOTY candidate for sure. I’ve got a swollen right eye just watching it.

John Scott is just too frickin’ big. Conboy shows guts if not brains in this one.

A couple from Calgary. Let’s not forget what a sensation McGrattan was when he first made a splash with Ottawa. Until Colton Orr beat his ass a few times, that is. Looks like he want to make it interesting again in Western Canada now. Good luck.

If it wasn’t for Colton Orr and Jay Rosehill there wouldn’t be any reason to watch the Leafs whatsoever. Orr again trades massively, this time with David Koci.

Rule #1: Cardio. This is one long fight, kids. A+ effort from Stortini and Grant. Zombie slugfest of the week.

Here’s a somewhat crazy looking one that turns into a real slugfest. The Refs are actually this close to stepping in to save McLaren from an awkward pummeling and the next thing you know his arm is free and Dorsett is eating knuckle salad sandwiches.

Poor Hal Gill. 6′ 7” and he fights like Chris Osgood. Rick Rypien’s only 5′ 11” but he puts the big guy to shame in this one. But, hey, the good news is Montreal replaced Mike Komisarek with another big d-man who has no business whatsoever dropping the mitts. Go Habs!

Rather spirited one from a couple non-regulars here. I can see why Nystrom is pissed off, too, with a bald spot like that. Maybe strap that helmet on a little tighter next time, my man.

Big 6′ 8” John Scott drops George Parros with ease. Not often you see The ‘Stache go down like that but a guy this big would give anyone trouble. We’ll see if he and Zdeno Chara ever give it a go because that would be a sight.

This one is tough to watch just because Fridge used to be so much better than this and there just comes a time when you need to think of your health and stop. Especially when your heart, however big, just isn’t into it any more.

Shall we dance? Quite the round and round we get to see in this one. A few roundhouses mixed in, too. A for effort, boys.

Not a bad scrap considering Brashear tries to turn it into another hugfest, as usual. Does anyone think he looks good in a Ranger uniform? Blech.

First real Heavyweight tilt of the season. Not a classic but good to see. Is Georges trying out for the WWE? Looks like it.

Rosehill goes looking for this one then lays down an ambidextrous beating of epic proportions. I like this guy’s spirit, for sure, and it looks like he’s going to be entertaining. We’ll see if I feel the same way after the first B’s – Leafs tilt.


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