NHL 2009-10 Fights

Noteworthy bouts from the 2009-10 NHL Season.

The perfect way to end our season here. Thank you, Evander Kane.

D.J. King takes on the monsterous Derek Boogaard and bloodies him. Nice work. Anyone who beats “Boogie” gets high marks in my world.

Jody Shelley vs. PL3. Looks like that New York/New Jersey rivalry got a lot more interesting with Shelley as a blueshirt, eh?

I post this not just because it’s a decent fight with some monster shots being landed but also because I just love posting this guy’s name. Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond. PL3 as some folks are starting to call him. Looks tough enough for four names, I guess.

Cam Janssen is never shy even when the guy he’s fighting is about 5 inches taller and looks like he was crossbred with a Klingon.

Kris Vesteeg and Patrick Eaves? Don’t judge until you see it.

This one is just wild. Rypien and Janssen, both of whom have been featured here a lot, trade them like their hair is on fire. This has a 9.1 over at hockeyfights.com, highest rating I’ve seen in a while. Watch ’til the end to see it in slow motion.

Another wild free for all featuring Brad May, this time he has the edge over Kris Barch. Tough way to make a living indeed.

A decent exchange here between two pretty evenly matched sluggers.

So tell me again why the Oilers gave up on Steve MacIntyre? A guy who can handle Colton Orr like that has no value? Prefer Zack Stortini, do you? Yeesh.

I love thise because it’s so rare these days. Two guys who dislike one another that they actually go twice in the same game. Old. Time. Hockey.

I think every fight Eric Godard has been in this season has been posted here. Another slugfest, this time edging a gamey Chris Neil.

And Brad May is back here, too, this time with an actual win. At some point, if he keeps entertaining us like this without sustaining some sort of permanent brain injury, I may need to retract all the things I said about him. Or some of them, anyway.

How many times have we seen this over the years, eh? I remember Orr’s first bout with McGrattan when he was still with the Bruins and Gratts was with Ottawa. Orr made a name for himself in that one and puts a whuppin’ on him again here.

Real spirited go ’round between these two. Adam Mair? Who knew?

Holy hamburgers, is Brad May throwin’ ’em this year or what? I fully admit I never liked the guy but the willingness to scrap like that at age 37 with some of the nastiest sluggers out there has earned the old agitator some measure of respect, I must say. Not that it does him much good against Rypien. Wow.

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