Milan Lucic

It should be no secret to anyone following our exploits here that young Boston Bruins left wing Milan Lucic has quickly become the personification of all that we aspire to promote here at Hockey Gone Wild. He’s a throwback to all the things we once loved about the sport; the passion and toughness, the willingness to play physical, to sacrafice oneself to a higher purpose, to play by the code, to stand up for one’s teammates.

He’s a top six forward who can fight. At 6′-4″ 220 lbs., he’s big, bruising, talented and mean as shit when he needs to be.

He can hit.

He can fight.

Man, can he fight.

I mean fight.

And he can score.

You can see why he’s the modern day embodiment of what it is we want to see in our hockey, then, A brash, youthful reminder of how good it was when guys like Cam Neely and Terry O’Reilly and Clark Gillies skated. A kid who fears nothing and no one.

And he’s a Boston Bruin.

How fucking cool is that, eh?


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