Our Manifesto

We here at Hockey Gone Wild are folks who enjoy, admire and believe in the Art of Tough, Hard Hitting, In Your Face Hockey. As much as we appreciate the skill of the game, the grace and beauty of it, we also believe that the heart of the game should still consist of what can be described as Old Time Hockey.

We enjoy fighting.

We think Slapshot is the Greatest Movie Ever Made.

We think Mike Milbury and Don Cherry are right about most things. We think the time Mike and Taz went into the stands at MSG and beat that Rangers fan with his own shoe is one of the greatest moments the game has ever seen.

We love the Big Bad Bruins and the Broad Street Bullies.

Terry O’Reilly is a God to us. Cam Neely even moreso.

We think Milan Lucic is fast becoming the modern day representative of what we love, a top six forward who can score goals, put your ass right through the protective glass with a monster hit and has the sort of sledghammer right hand that makes guys soil their hockey pants.

These are the players and the style of game we appreciate, that we want to see on the ice.

This is what Hockey Gone Wild is all about.



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