Gordie Howe

gordieHis name epitomizes toughness. He is such a symbol of the game itself that he is nicknamed “Mr. Hockey”. More than just some random tough guy, he could score as well and was among the top five in scoring for twenty seasons. He was named MVP in both the National Hockey League and the World Hockey Association. His name is on the Stanley Cup four times, the Avco Cup twice. He’s in the Hockey Hall of Fame and his number is retired by three professional teams.

The man, the legend, the elbows: Gordie Howe

Because his name evokes such a sense of old time Hockey, it’s obvious that Gordie is ensconced as a Patron Saint here at HGW. Our chief regret is that we never saw him in his prime, when he was the scourge of the NHL, a part of the Production Line in Detroit, or skating with his sons, Marty & Mark, after coming out of retirement.

Who else in the league has a term, “The Gordie Howe Hat Trick” named after them?

There’s not much we here at Hockey Gone Wild can say that would add to his aura. Suffice to say, if you’re a Hockey fan, Gordie is well known to you. In fact, we’d be better served telling you what Gordie Howe isn’t. But we ain’t doing that here. You do that on your own time.

For now, enjoy one of the true legends of the game.


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