About gonz

Everything you need to know about Gonz O’Lager is that he is an insane piece of work. Once described by his mother as a “sick, sick individual”, Gonz has spent his life immersed in comic book violence, insane cartoon adventures, science fiction, magic, outlaw journalism, travel, exotic food, and the sports of Hockey & Baseball. He is the progenitor of the alternative sport Dachshund Rugby and in high school was voted Most Likely To Induce Panic.

A child of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Gonz spent a good deal of his youth publishing his own zine, Festering. He graduated from Rogue State University with degree in Journalism and a minor in Bullshitting.

A sagacious brute and gregariously vicious writer, raconteur, drinker, rapscallion, philosopher and idler, Gonz lives by the words of Hunter S. Thompson, “Play your own game, be your own man, and don’t ask anybody for a stamp of approval.” Because of this shibboleth, he often finds himself at odds with the world.

When he’s not hanging out at Hockey Gone Wild you will find him securely ensconsed at his regular residence, The Bourbon Asylum. He currently lives somewhere in rural Northern Kentucky with his dog, Molly, his confidante and bodyguard, Mr. Knock, and his always attentive & administering Nurse Lenia.


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