Healthy Scratchawk


So the Blackhawks’ 6′-8″ 258 pound certified goon John Scott decided to chime in on the Shawn Thornton “chirping” incident during Tuesday’s game at TD Garden where Thornton took a 40 stitch cut to his forehead and was then taunted by one or more of the mongoloids sitting on the Chicago bench as he exited the rink bleeding like a stuck pig. Thornton has suggested that if he finds out who it was he would deal with it accordingly. Hearing this, Scott responded.


“He said that? That’s fine. He can say what he wants. He’s going after some of our littlest guys on our team to start a fight. He’s trying to challenge (Fernando) Pisani to a fight. What’s that say about him?

“He’s Mr. Tough Guy and he’s trying to challenge Pisani. If I’m in the lineup, he’s more than welcome to come chirp at me. I’ll kick the shit out of him.”

Of course, a moment later Scott is also saying that he wouldn’t do that sort of thing, taunt an injured player from the bench as they sought medical attention, suggesting he understands just how classless and dumb some of his own teammates are. We’ve certainly seen from some of the post Cup win shows on the NHL Network following the Hawks in the off-season that teeny bopper Patrick Kane is a guy who might struggle through a junior high school quiz. And when I say struggle, I mean figuring out which end of the pencil to write with.

Scott again, on taunting an injured guy:

“I don’t know if I’d do that, Thornton is a stand-up guy.”

Okay. So then maybe someone on your own team needs the shit kicked out of them, Mr. Scott? You’ll have to do it during practice though, likely, as you’re not seeing much game action lately. You were a healthy scratch on Tuesday (again – for like the 40th time this season) so maybe “chirping” about what happened during the actual game might be outside your limited realm of knowledge.

I seriously doubt, by the way, that Thornton ever challenged Pisani. Trash talk has it’s time and place and I’m sure a lot of guys do it. The limits to it are based on one’s own sense of ethics, however. Where and when you decide to do it, in which situation, is something that can certainly define your character.

Apparently there are some Hawks who have none.


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