Who Said What?


So what two classless, mouth breathing fuck sticks on the Chicago Blackhawks felt the need to taunt Shawn Thornton as he skated by their bench with a fresh, J-shaped 40-stitch gash opened up on his head, bleeding profusely? See Thornton’s reaction below (as well as the ref’s) to get an idea of just how inflammatory it must have been to get a guy with a giant, new mouth on his forehead to stop on his way to getting serious medical attention and want to beat the crap out of you.

The cut was from an accidental hit from Fernando Pisani’s skate in a collision behind the Boston net. Peter Chiarelli, on 98.5 with Toucher and Rich this morning, refused to identify who or what was said but there is a chance that Thornton himself, scheduled to be on that same show tomorrow morning, might have more to say about the incident.

I want to know who it was and what was said. If there’s a couple of inbred, pig fuckers in the NHL (besides Matt Cooke, Sean Avery and Steve Ott) that astoundingly brain damaged I, for one, want them identified and legally barred from ever producing offspring.

You know what? Fuck you, Chicago. I hope the B’s win the Cup just so Shawn Thornton can bring it to those two guys’ hometowns on his day with it and shove it up their asses.

Bruins looked great, by the way, stomping the ‘Hawks 3-0 in a commanding win that earned Vezina frontrunner Tim Thomas his 9th shutout of the year.

UPDATE: Thornton was indeed on the radio this (Thursday) morning but still claimed to not know who it was “chirping” at him from the Chicago bench. He seemed surprised to hear that Chiarelli’s reaction indicated he did know and that it was two, not one, players. Thornton seemed to think it was one and said that if he found out who he would deal with it in his own way at some later date.

What was said was something akin to, or exactly like, “Get off the ice you fucking faggot.”

Nice. Real nice. Would have sounded great if it turned out he had lost an eye or had a fractured skull or something. Brilliant stuff from the Blackhawks there.

Thornton, by the way, was on 98.5 to promote Cuts For A Cause, a charity event that benefits the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medial Center, a pediatric cancer institution. People can bid to shave a Bruin’s head and hang out with the team at what has become one of the most enjoyable charity events the team has been involved with in recent years. Thornton took over the running of it when Aaron Ward left town

Seems like he’s already got his Cut for the Cause, though, eh?


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