Playoff Power


To be honest, the news last night following the Bruins’ 2-1 victory over the Flyers in Philadelphia wasn’t that the team had clinched a playoff spot for the fourth straight year. Really, that hasn’t been an issue in doubt for many months here. It was pretty well expected and, regardless of where they end up in terms of position, the real story this season would have been if they didn’t make it to the post-season.

No, the real headline following the game was that the team scored not just one but TWO power play goals. In the same game.

Can anyone remember the last time that happened? I’ll tell you. January 18th on the road against Carolina.

28 games ago.

So, yeah, it was good to see. I know, I know. It’s baby steps but at least they’re steps in the right direction. The team will go nowhere in the playoffs without a successful power play so, needless to say, it’s now or never to get the thing into shape. Last night was at least a small, positive indication that the one issue that has plagued the team the most all season long might be able to become functional when the team needs it most.

The forwards are moving a bit more, Tomas Kaberle and Zdeno Chara look more active at the points and things might just start clicking if the stars can align themselves here. They seem to have the right pieces to the puzzle. Let’s just hope the puzzle assembler is up to the task.

That means you, Julien. Make it work.


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