Cooke Gets The Book


matt cooke ryan mcdonough

Thrown at him, that is.

10 games plus the first round of the playoffs. If the Pens upper management has any balls (or conscience) whatsoever they will designate him for assignment as soon as the suspension is served. If they are out of the playoffs after the first round then an off-season buyout is in order. What team would ever sign him after this? I can’t imagine anyone wanting the PR nightmare. Cooke makes Sean Avery look like Fred Rogers on skates right now. He makes Steve Ott look like a Victorian dandy.

The NHL has done it’s part and now it’s up to the Penguins to do theirs.

Mario Lemieux. Ronald Burkle. Ray Shero. Dan Bylsma.

The onus is on those four guys, now. Put up or shut up. Do what’s right or live in infamy as some of the biggest hypocrites the NHL, or any other sport, has ever seen.

You want violence out of the sport? You want to stop head shots?

Make sure we never see Cooke don an NHL uniform again.

‘Nuff said.


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5 Responses to “Cooke Gets The Book”

  1. DG Says:

    Who was the brainiac that gave him an “A”? Or does that stand for something else?

  2. phonymahoney Says:

    It has to be because half their team is injured… I hope.

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys.

    They rotate the “A” in Pittsburgh I think. Different players at different times and I guess Cooke’s name came up on the Wheel of Fortune. It’s difficult to imagine how anyone in their locker room could defend the guy. I know there’s a code of sorts where you don’t throw a teammate under the bus but I think the time to worry about that has passed. Andrew Ference in Boston recently said, after Daniel Paille was guilty of a head shot, that wrong is wrong and you have to call it like it is. Teammate or opponent.

    Pittsburgh needs to hold itself accountable for this guy and do the right thing. Cooke sure as shit isn’t playing by any code, is he?

  4. gonz Says:

    But if’n you read today’s Puck Daddy article, it seems Cooke has found the Religion of Not Being Ville Nieminen.

  5. Ken Socrates Says:

    After being locked in a dark room with Mario Lemieux who, apparently, showed him a slide show presentation featuring the Wilkes-Barre Scranton locker room and travel bus toilets. The only contrition in that hamster sized brain comes from a guy realizing his job may finally be on the line. Too little and way too fucking late, if you ask me.

    And his job should not be on the line.

    It should be gone.

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