Cherry’s Solution


Props to Grapes for looking at the Chara/Pacioretty situation with clear vision and not the hysteria tinted goggles a lot of the whiners and crybabies in Montreal (and elsewhere) have been using.

Don Cherry on Coach’s Corner, Saturday March 12th:

Skip to 2:12 for a brilliant (and disturbing) montage of video showing just how many times this exact same hit has happened, not a one of which resulted in a player’s suspension.

Couple highlights:

Cherry to Montreal Canadiens chairman Geoff Molson:

“Tell you one thing, Geoff, call all your players together in the dressing room. And you say, ‘How do you feel playing 41 games with the boards in Montreal?’ Worst in the league for injuries. Ask them that instead of going in the paper.”

“Let’s start with your building, your stanchion and turnbuckles are a joke.”

Cherry to Air Canada:

“Air Canada, you should be ashamed of yourself. By the way, where are their corporate headquarters? We know where they are…Montreal.”

Spot. Fucking. On.


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