Montreal Is Not A Hockey Town


What more proof do you need?

I don’t know what is more absurd and pussified. Hysterical, reality-disconnected Habs fans flooding police phone lines with calls about Zdeno Chara’s hit on Max Pacioretty?

Or the fact that Montreal police are actually investigating it.

Let me be frank.

If this is how you react to a hockey player being injured, however badly (and that is in question, in my mind – Pacioretty didn’t sound like he was quite on his death bed when he talked to Bob McKenzie, did he?) on a hockey play… If this is how you cry and sob and wail like an old woman who just had her purse snatched…?

You don’t deserve an NHL franchise.

You just don’t.

Because you don’t understand the game.

We always knew you were a horde of prissified, singing panty wastes up there, Montreal fans, but you’ve taken it to an all new level now.

God. Bring back the Nordiques so Quebec can have a real team.


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7 Responses to “Montreal Is Not A Hockey Town”

  1. Betty Says:

    Hey asshole, Pacioretty’s American. How about supporting one of your own.

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. Is this about nationalism? You know, Chara’s Slovakian. Maybe Canada should declare war on Slovakia. I’m quite sure that the average Montreal fan would have no problem sending young men out to die on the fields of battle to avenge this horrific incident. It’s that serious.

    Betty, you giant sauage quaffing moose of a douche sipping diseased harpy, you are a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the so called hockey fans in Montreal. You view everything that happens on that frozen surface with a distorted hysteria and some sort of ultra-personal sense of elite ownership that just completely fucks up your ability to understand the game or put any sort of logical perspective on anything that happens relating to the Canadiens.

    Support my countryman? You mean by booing the Canadian national anthem, maybe?

    I’m just not that classless, Mrs. Boop. Nor are most folks in Boston. Last night we cheered Chara when he took the ice. You idiots probably think it was because we support injuring players on our hated rival team. Not the case at all, of course. It’s to support a guy who has been unfairly targeted by an entire city full of pompous morons who think it’s okay to flood actual emergency lines (there to help people who are actually in trouble) with calls about something that happened in a fucking hockey game. People stuck in burning cars you set on fire might not be able to get the help they need thanks to that sort of irresponsible behavior.

    Think about that. Consider the hypocrisy of investigating the incident as a crime when Habs players have done the similarly violent things to other players hundreds of other times and everyone in the stands cheered. Or about Air Canada’s ridiculous stance. I didn’t see them threatening to pull sponsorship when Mike Richards knocked out David Booth and wasn’t suspended. But that was two American teams, wasn’t it? The absurdity, if you have the mental capacity to comprehend it, will knock you over like a tsunami. How does anyone’s nationality even matter in this situation? The very notion of bringing it up is patently absurd. It only shows how warped your thought process is.

    I feel bad that Pacioretty got dinged up in what everyone who knows the first thing about the game of hockey agrees was NOT a dirty play but a normal hockey hit with a violently unfortunate result. If you have a beef it’s with the asshole who designed the stanchion in your arena, big mamma.

    And he’s likely a Canadian.

  3. Chris Says:

    Seriously, a hit that takes place 20 feet from the puck is not the least bit cheap? In the last 20 seconds of a period, when before the extra shove had sufficiently done it’s job of taking the guy out of the play?

    If you think Chara running Paceioretty (or however you spell it) into the boards was not on purpose you are dreaming. Chara knew exactly what he was doing and damn near killed the guy. If his neck breaks instead of fractures, the guy is done, either paralyzed for life or dead.

    Your two-faced opinion on injuries is unbelievable. You are upset about Cooke hitting Savard and he should be suspended, how dare he do that to a Bruin, and how dare the rest of the team not tear Cooke a new one for doing it. But Chara nearly kills a guy, and it’s all sunshine and roses, no issue what-so-ever.

    Chara may not have hit the guy from behind,but if that incident was not the easiest ‘intent to injure’ play you saw last week, your blind. Either legally, or at least by you fanaticism to your team.

  4. Ken Socrates Says:

    And if you can’t see the clear difference between what Zdeno Chara did and what Matt Cooke did (and has a history of doing) then I would suggest they need to up your medication dosage at the home. Don’t worry, it’s going to make your daily game of checkers with Johnny Lobotomy that much more enjoyable.

    A couple notes of response, since you brought up your spelling deficiencies: Pacioretty. Fairly easy to spell. “Whatsoever” does not require any dashes in it, whatsoever. And when you contract “you are” it becomes “you’re” not “your”. As in the following sentence.

    “You’re an illiterate idiot who doesn’t know fact one about hockey if you think that play was an “attempt to injure” instead of a run-of-the-mill rub out in a bad spot of a notoriously horrible arena for board related injuries.”

    Now there’s a well spelled statement that the NHL, and the majority of hocky savvy people on this continent, can agree with. Note the ingenious use of dashes. Feel the jealousy rise.

    Now back to your checkers, boy.

  5. Chris Says:

    You are clearly a class act with the personal attack.

    While I don’t wish injury on any hockey player, I would love to read your reaction if an identical incident happened to a Bruin, my guess is that you’d be screaming for a suspension.

  6. Ken Socrates Says:

    I am clearly not a class act. Nor do I play one on TV.

    If the exact same thing happened to a Bruin, an injury resulting from a fairly routine play (one that happens with regularity in the NHL) in a bad spot in the arena, my reaction would be the same.

    I judge it all on intent, Chris. Intent and the history of the player. Chara has a clear disciplinary record. The play was an ordinary rub out. See Cherry’s video showing dozens of others. There have been hundreds of similar plays where no one has been injured. Show me one single suspension resulting from a hit near the stanchion.

    In the case of, say, Matt Cooke, however, there is a player with a horrific history of attempting to hurt people hitting a guy in exactly the same blindside, to the head manner he had done in the past (Anisimov) which, very likely, ended a guy’s career. The difference is cosmic in scale it’s so huge.

    To be frank, I’m not even sure Pacioretty is that badly injured. They say he might be back for the playoffs. Not that it should matter because, like I said, the issue is intent and whether the hit was illegal.

    I simply believe that it was not an attempt to injure. Period. If it was, I would call out Chara. In fact, that night, after it first happened, I was ready to. I texted a friend and said “This is horrible. I can’t defend this.” Then I saw it on replay time after time and started to judge it more objectively. I saw Chara’s reaction. Listened to hockey expert’s opinions. I realized the truth of it.

    Your point about the reaction being different when it’s your team is actually quite valid, Chris. We need to take the emotion out of our analysis of this to see it correctly. That’s what I’ve tried to do.

    I wish others would do the same.

    There. A whole response without a single personal attack.

    I feel dirty.

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