Arrest Max Pacioretty



Montreal Police: Get into that hospital and drag his evil ass out of that bed and straight to the klink. No trial needed. That video is all the evidence you need. Did you see how dirty that boarding hit on Mark Eaton was? How illegal? What’s the statute of limitations on attempted murder?

I’m sure Max Pacioretty, and all Canadiens fans for that matter, are just as “disgusted” by his actions in that game against the Islanders as they are about Zdeno Chara’s hit on Tuesday. In fact, it must just be some sort of technical oversight that he hasn’t turned himself in already, given his strong feelings on hockey plays that injure others.

In fact, considering what I see here, I’m thinking Chara deserves a civil recommendation for attempting to bring justice to such an obvious evil-doer.

It wasn’t a hit into the stanchion.

It was a citizen’s arrest.


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