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Bruins Trading For Kaberle?

February 15, 2011

In two separate interviews on 98.5 The Sports Hub this afternoon with Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti, both Cam Neely and Brian Burke said enough to allow listeners to infer that the Bruins are now in serious talks with the Maple Leafs about defenseman Tomas Kaberle.

Burke, in fact, when asked straight if he was in trade talks with the Bruins right now said “yes” and, while suggesting he wouldn’t offer any details, brought up Kaberle’s name in that very same context without being overly prompted by the questioners. It was almost funny. He admitted that Kaberle didn’t want details about waiving his no-trade clause released but it certainly seems like it has happened and that the Boston Bruins are in the mix. He also admitted that the Leafs number one pick in 2011, owned by the B’s from the Phil Kessel deal, was not part of the discussion.

In an interview a short time later with the same hosts, Cam Neely seemed to suggest some sort of deal was close for his team. It doesn’t take much to connect the dots.

The Bruins are the frontrunners for Tomas Kaberle and a deal may very well be imminent, within the next 48-72 hours.


Goodbye You Lizard Scum

February 10, 2011
max pacioretty turtle

Max Pacioretty and the Definition of a Turtle

Okay, so I know the title of this post doesn’t literally fit the situation but the vibe Bill Hicks gave us when discussing his hatred of Los Angeles and it’s inhabitants is so very similar to the way Bruins fans feel about the Montreal Canadiens that it’s pretty appropriate here. Sort of sums up the way we felt after the game was finished last night. That, after long last, the whiny, cocky, turtling little bitches finally got what was coming to them. An 8-6 beating on the scoreboard and in the pugilistic arena sending them all back above the border bruised and battered, tail between legs.

Standing ovation all around.

I know I’m gloating like a total homer in this one but I think it’s justified. This was a trip back to 1978 and the wild, wild west days of hockey. Brawling, wide open hockey. Real hatred. Real punishment.

Through it all, it seems the Bruins are finally finding an identity and a team unity that they can use to fuel what will hopefilly be a barn burner of a finish to the season and an equally blazing playoff run. If this doesn’t spark them nothing will.

When you see an entire team playing with that level of emotion and team unity, it’s a joy to the heart of an old school hockey fan. More than that, it bodes well for the future. It says they’re All In it. It says they’re on the same page. They need to hold this one, and the Dallas game last week, in their memories for the entire rest of the season and into the playoffs.

Because that’s the way it has to be done. That’s the way the Bruins will win. Not by taking insane penalties, mind you, unless warranted. But by playing with emotion and physicality.

Wolf Pack Mentality.

I love it.

Savard To Speak Today

February 7, 2011

A 2 p.m. press conference has been scheduled at TD Garden today in which Marc Savard, Peter Chiarelli and team physician Dr. Peter Asnis will announce and discuss the fact that Savard is being shut down for the season due to his ongoing concussion related issues.

This is no surprise, really, and I think it’s the best move for both the player and the team at this point. Savard needs an extended time period to heal and assess his future in hockey. The Bruins need the closure of knowing for sure that he won’t be available this season so they can adjust accordingly, on the ice and through the salary cap. It’s the only move that makes sense right now, as sad as it is.

Best wishes to Marc Savard. His long road just got that much longer.

‘Nuff Said Boys

February 4, 2011

Not much more I can say about this one, folks. If you saw it, you know what I mean. Possibly the most glorious period of hockey I have seen in twenty years or so. Enjoy some of the highlights even if you’ve seen it ten times already. Me, I could watch it 1000 times and not get tired of it.

Those were all Big Boy fights, kids. No WWF crap, there. Real, honest to goodness face beatings. With purpose.

And the clip doesn’t even include what might have been the most impressive fight of them all when Andrew Ference stepped up against Adam Burish to defent a blatant late, after-the-whistle shot on Tuukka Rask and dropped him hard.

What Boston hockey fan’s wet dreams are made of.