Savard Down Again


Marc Savard is being sent home from the Bruins brief West Coast road trip “for precautionary reasons” according to B’s coach Claude Julien following the team’s 6-2 win over the Colorado Avalanche in Denver. In an incident that marred the excellent effort by the team, Savard was hit hard and seemed to suffer a serious injury to the head. Admit it, as he was being helped to the locker room in obvious distress, you and everyone watching was thinking one thing: concussion. Savard’s struggles with post-concussion syndrome are well documented and every time a hit like this happens, it’s human nature to wonder about a re-occurrence.

Of all people, former Bruin Matt Hunwick was the guilty party. He hit Savard while he was in a vulnerble position near the corner boards and Savard’s head went hard into the glass/dasher. It didn’t appear to be a dirty hit but severe nonetheless as Savard went down immediately, clutching his head.

It really. Really. Didn’t look good.

What was worse was the way Savard needed to be helped to the dressing room, in obvious distress, holding a towel to his head. It almost appeared, beneath the towel, he might be in tears. As if he knows already that it could be a worst case scenario situation.

Still, too early to assume too much or get hysterical. Thoughts go out to Savard as he’s got another rough road ahead, likely.

Time, again, will tell the tale.


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