Peter Forsberg Eyeing Comeback


peter forsberg comeback

As the Boston Bruins prepare for a matinee game in Denver against the Colorado Avalanche this afternoon word that the 37 year old Peter Forsberg is set to practice with his former team today with sights set on a return to NHL action this season.

How’s that for out of the blue, eh?

A long admirer of the gentleman, I consider him one of the greatest all time international players I’ve ever seen. Who knows what sort of shape he’s in. It seems like he’s been gone forever and we all remember the endless injury woes that seemed to force him from the NHL. However, 37 just doesn’t seem that old anymore. I see what Mark Recchi is doing in a B’s uniform and some of my preconceptions of players nearing the 40 year mark has been adjusted. If you have the passion and keep the body tuned up, maybe there’s mileage to be found in the old carcass.

Personally, I hope it happens. It would be fascinating to watch. His agent, in the Denver Post today, says it’s “only a test”. Which raises the question – are the Avs just humoring and old soldier or would they be serious about this? We’ll see.

Meanwhile, the Bruins need to rebound from what I consider a disappointing no-show against the Sabres the other night at home. Mike MIlbury called it correctly in his post game comments. No physicality from the top three lines. No emotion. Where has the hitting game gone? Once again, we look to the change in Milan Lucic’s game and wonder.

What happened to the guy who once put Mike Van Ryn through the glass at TD Garden and why does he shy from contact so often these days?

Let’s hope we see an answer this afternoon.


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