Pat Burns 1952-2010


This time it’s for real.

Sad but not unexpected, it hurts when one of the good guys shuffles off this mortal coil to whatever lies beyond, if anything. In my more wistful moments, the afterlife for hockey tough guys, for the old schoolers who did things the right way, is something akin to a Valhalla in the form of the Old Boston Garden. Ancient, hallowed and filled with the echoing sounds and faint smells of a thousand great games, the fading cheers of the adoring lunch pailers who loved the way they played the game or, in this case, coached it.

Pat Burns deserves to be there. In the company of the Old Gallery Gods. Raising a cup.

Hopefully, he is.

From Cam Neely, representing the Bruins.

“On behalf of the Jacobs family and the entire Boston Bruins family, I would like to express our deep sorrow on the passing of Pat Burns. Pat was a great coach and more importantly a wonderful man. The Bruins are honored to have him as a part of our history. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Burns family.”


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