Fire Colin Campbell

colin campbell

Shut Your Pie Hole and Pack Up Your Desk


The more you look at this e-mail thing and really see what sort of person Campbell is and how he is conducting business, the more obvious it is that he is completely unsuited for his position or any other of real importance in the NHL.

The correspondence makes a number of things utterly clear:

  • A bias towards Marc Savard that may already have been reflected in actual disciplinary situations that went against the player; i.e. the Matt Cooke hit. Campbell apparently holds a grudge against Savard from his days as head coach of the New York Rangers and believes him to be the “biggest faker going”. As a result, Campbell is now unsuited to make any ruling concerning Savard or the Boston Bruins. Period. All would have to be in question now given his obvious, proven bias.
  • Campbell also has a clear bias concerning incidents involving his son Gregory. Understandable, as he’s the guy’s dad but, in his position of power in the NHL, it becomes a monsterous conflict of interest. It’s illustrated not just in the Savard comments but in the anger shown about a Florida-Atlanta game in 2007 when Gregory (then a Panther) was penalized late in the game, which the Florida was winning 2-1, and it resulted in the Thrashers tying it up and eventually winning in overtime. From two separate e-mails:

    Game not televised. Radio announcers said it was a bullshit need to find out for me. How.I don.t know but this was awful. 1:30 left in 2-1 game for [team] and [player] scored with 2 second left to tie it up them won in OT. FUCK

    Did you find out anything? It was [another referee] that made the call. Keep Warren and gas this shithead. 90 seconds left and he calls a weak penalty.tripping. Makes me sick. If I was at the game I would have had to fine me.

    You know what makes me sick? Someone that high up in the NHL heirarchy acting like that, clearly reacting to a play, bad call or not, that went poorly against his son and suggesting a referee should be fired as a result. Without even seeing the play. He’s going on what the radio announcers are saying, obviously sitting around listening to his son’s game. Drinking maybe? You have to wonder.

  • The other thing that’s apparent in the e-mails is that Colin Campbell’s aspirations in the NHL are not limited to being it’s head of discipline. Clearly he’s been keeping his eyes open for a GM job and, according to some, was interested in the Maple Leafs’ before Brian Burke came on the scene. I have little doubt that he still envisions himself in that position at some point, with the money and power that it entails, and (hopefully) jokes with Stephen Walkom at one point:

    I hate soft penalties.remember that when I am a GM!

    As Tyler Dellow suggests, if Colin Campbell is ever hired by some clinically insane NHL owner to actually be the GM of a team, we need to pay close attention to which referees get assigned to his club’s games. Is it really so far fetched to think that he wouldn’t have some folks’ ears in the NHL head office if and when that time comes? Not by the evidence we’re presented with here that illustrates the buffoonery that goes on behind closed doors there.

  • It’s all so very embarrassing for the league, isn’t it?

    You’ve a got the NHL’s so-called Czar of Discipline with clear biases for and against teams and players that it is supposed to be his job to preside over. He’s obviously bucking for an NHL GM job, another massive conflict of interest in his dealings with upper management with any team that he might be interested in working for. He has a son in the league, one that plays an admirably rugged style that could, however lead to a seriosly awkward situation if the kid is ever involved in anything serious. Like, say, a shot to someone’s head anywhere resembling the one Matt Cooke put on Marc Savard.

    The reason’s are a clear as the giant glass of vodka Gary Bettman poured himself as soon as he saw these e-mails go public.

  • Colin Campbell is not performing his job remotely adequately. He cannot be trusted to be an impartial judge to the players over which he presides in a position of extreme power.
  • He demonstrates an obvious, ongoing bias against certain players still active in the league based on his time as an NHL head coach. By his own admission.
  • He has not recused himself from officiating decisions involving his son Gregory. Quite the opposite, he has offered strong opinions on at least two controversial incidents and attempted to influence on-ice officiating, albeit after the fact, in that regard.
  • His desire for a General Manager’s job in the NHL makes suspect his dealings with those teams in the league he might consider possible employers. That those teams are unknown makes him unreliable in his dealings with every team as a result.
  • Colin Campbell needs to be fired.



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