Sunday Bludgeon


Only a few games on the schedule yesterday but there was no shortage of action for those of us enamoured with a little something known on the street as Old Time Hockey. Most notable was a brawl half way through the third period of the Rangers-Oilers game resulting from a Sean Avery sucker punch on Ladislav Smid. Check out the video.

Some folks are saying that Smid should have been more ready but I think it’s clear what Avery was doing there and how it violates Fight Code. He declined the square-off being offered (by a European non-fighter, mind you) and then, having confused Smid that they were going back to the play, quickly sheds gloves and lunges out with a quick punch before Smid has a chance to set up. Technically not a true sucker punch, I know, as Smid was challenging, but utterly cheap nonetheless. Then, of course, in true cat fight style Avery lands on top of his opponent and attempts to throw more shots while the guy is on his back. On his way toward being escorted off the ice by a linesman, Avery puts such a smirk on his face for the Oilers players who are barking at him that all hell breaks loose and we get a nice little brawl.

What is it, Sean Avery? You’re afraid of going with Ladislav Smid in a fair square off?

Oilers’ tough guy Steve MacIntyre wasn’t impressed.

“I thought it was pretty gutless. It just shows you what kind of guy he is. He’ll get his. Somebody who is bigger and tougher … he’ll get what’s coming.”

MacIntyre’s courage cannot be questioned as the man engaged in not one but two bouts with towering Rangers über-pugilist Derek Boogaard.

The other battle of note on the day came from the Washington Capitals-Atlanta Thrashers contest where John Erskine and Eric Boulton went toe-to-toe in a scrap that’s garnering rave reviews. Currently with a 9.4 rating on, that’s high praise from the folks in the know. Well worth a look.


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