Who Gets Neil?

milan lucic chris neil

Who's Up For A Beat Down?

Not to be a total mouth breathing knuckle dragger but the main question in my mind going into tonight’s game against Ottawa at TD Garden is who is Chris Neil going to have to answer to for jumping Dennis Seidenberg at the end of the October 30th game between the B’s and Senators? Milan Lucic, who has bloodied Neil badly in previous fights or maybe Shawn Thornton, who has beaten him on a number of occasions?

I would say that it was those losses that has led to Neil’s last two fights against the Bruins being Seidenberg and Steve Begin, neither of whom are remotely in his class. But that’s what getting your ass kicked will do, I guess. Turn you into a chicken shit punk.

Certainly, according to former Senators teammate Brian McGrattan, that’s been Neil’s MO for a long time. Quite an indictment.

All I know is that, at some point, Neil will need to answer for himself tonight.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Update: Well, it was Chara and I wish it hadn’t been because it was a crap fight and then a crap game to follow. Why can’t Big Z keep his balance in a fight these days? Is it simply a function of being so awkwardly tall? Because that was embarrassing. Mark Recchi looked better in his bout with Chris Campoli.

Bruins 1-3-1 in last five games now.

The only good news is the Leafs lost to Vancouver to bring their losing streak to eight.


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