Cheap Thoughts Unrated


Wherein I give myself license to prattle on about all manner of random nonsense.

  • Frustrating loss to the Canadiens last night. Not because the B’s were horrible or didn’t show up but because, after the glorious comeback against Pitt, I was hoping for a much more spirited affair at home against the Ancient Rivals. Instead, the B’s just looked a bit tired and out of sorts, especially the defense. Chara looked exhausted by the end and maybe it had something to do with chasing around all those little waterbug forwards the Habs have populated their team with these days. God, I hate that team. For different reasons entirely than I used to, mind you, but it’s still a grim measure of despite I carry for them.
  • Speaking of which, there seems to be no sign whatsoever that Maxim Lapierre will ever realize the shame of the reputation he now carries as the NHL’s most frequent, obvious diver (yet another penalty for it last night). It’s embarrassing for everyone who watches him do that sort of thing, night in and night out; fans, teammates, opponents, officials, home or away it doesn’t matter. It goes against every sort of honorable code the game is supposed to have, in my opinion. The man has lost the respect of everyone except the most pale and sickly Montreal fanboys who have had the gene that recognizes Good Hockey edited out of them, likely through inbreeding.
  • The Maple Leafs plummet continues, now losers of 7 straight. A peek at Pension Plan Puppets has yielded amusing results lately as the awkward blend of hysteria and denial becomes a volatile mix. Posters decry the negativity of commenters, using the monsterously absurd phrase “Keep it cute or put it on mute” to try and encourage constructive complaing.

    I can’t take negativity from fellow fans when the Leafs give me nothing but negativity. But don’t mind me, OK? Everyone’s gotta cope and when we get a win or two we’ll get back to having fun together.

    There’s the Elephant in the Room right there. People don’t want to admit they jumped on the bandwagon a little too early and that six games does not a season make. That Clark MacArthur and Tim Brent aren’t carrying you to the promised land. Neither is Nazem Kadri, I’m sorry. Dion Phaneuf is hurt. Nobody can score. Streaky Phil Kessel has found his level, as he always does, and so have the Leafs, now a few meagre points out of last overall in the league. Again.

    Be afraid, Toronto. Be very afraid.

  • On a more positive note, instead of obsessing about a horrible hockey team, maybe Torontonians can hang their hat on this:

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is the best goddamned movie I’ve seen in years. Gotta be up there with Dark Knight and a few others as Best of the Decade when we shake it all out. Astonishly entertaining mix of superheroes, video games, indie music and character study. Edgar Wright is a bleedin’ genius, folks. It’s that simple. So the coolest movie of 2010 was filmed in Hogtown. You’ve got that at least.
  • Anyway. Who are the top prospects in the 2011 Draft? Anyone?

    Just asking.


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