Pitt Stop


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Very nice win for the Bruins tonight in Pittsburgh. Down 4-2 going into the 3rd period, they responded by scoring the next 5 goals of the game to take home a rousing 7-4 victory over the Penguins.

It was nice for many reasons.

  • A win right after losing Krejci is a big boost for morale, I think. Shows them (and us) that they can do it and feeds into the sort of positive team-wide mojo you need to win games when one of your superstars is out. Full team contributions. 15 different players with points.
  • Responding physically to a team that tried to assert some sort of presence in their own building. In three excellent fights the B’s answered the bell and answered Pitt’s attempt to go all macho on them. Shawn Thornton with a clear win over Eric Godard in the heavyweight bout of the night. Gregory Campbell swinging for the fences against Maxime Talbot. Another wild one had Arron the Misspelled Asham against Adam McQuaid.
  • Speaking of Thornton, he does it again on the offensive side, too. Scores the go ahead goal to make it 5-4, unassisted at 12:40 of the third. B’s never looked back. First you beat up Eric Godard, then you score the game the game winner. It’s good to be the King.
  • Matt Hunwick and Dennis Seidenberg both finished the game +3.
  • Right back home for a game against another bitter rival, the Montreal Canadiens. Momentum will be on their side I think.
  • I don’t want to be dramatic but could a game like htis be a Defining Moment in the same way that a certain game against the Penguins last year was a defining moment for last season? Long way to go, I know, but I’m always trying to read the signs that might tell me if it’s going to be a good season or not. Looks to me like this is a different Bruins team completely from the one that soiled the mattress last season.

    Which is a good thing.


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    2 Responses to “Pitt Stop”

    1. nightfly Says:

      Have I mentioned in the last ten minutes how good you have it picking up Nathan Horton? Good goal to start the comeback. I’m looking at Bruno Gervais and Trent Hunter with a certain amount of, shall we say, melancholy – as if to say, would Dale Tallon have gone for it? I mean, we’re reduced to PA Freakin’ Parenteau on JT’s right wing, while Bruno has actually skated on the fourth line wing instead of defense while the team’s been short.

      PA Freakin’ Parenteau.

    2. Ken Socrates Says:

      I know. Horton has been a revelation to Bruins fans. We sort of owe it all to Toronto again, too. Having that 2nd overall made the other 1st round pick expendable. Thus, the Panthers take Dennis Freakin’ Wideman off our hands and we get Horton and the scrappy Gregory Campbell, who will become a cult hero in this town if he keeps doing what he’s doing. The guy is everything that Steve Begin was supposed to be but wasn’t.

      So, yeah, we’re mentioning Horton six times an hour here, as well. My wife says I cried out his name in bed the other night.

      But that’s between me and you.

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