Mike Milbury: Ovechkin Is Lazy

mike green

Mike Green in not lazy. He is filled with helium, however.

It was an uneven Bruins game tonight in Washington. Spirited affair but the B’s were all over the place from the listless lows in the second period to the rousing near comeback in the third, only to fall flat in the end, losing 5-3 down in D.C.

Mike Green was the difference maker in this one, for sure. Just back from injury, he looked like he hadn’t lost a step and brought the pain to the B’s defense and goaltending. The kid can skate, that’s what people don’t realize. He’s got all the tools, the size, the shot, the cockiness. You have to wonder if this Capital’s team is more Mike’s Green’s than it is Ovechkin’s.

To hear MIke MIlbury tell it, it should be. He’s not a fan of “Ovvie’s” whole game as he shared some biting analysis of the Caps’ number 8 during an intermission on NESN, calling Ovechkin “lazy” and “selfish” and predicting that Washington would never win a Championship until he becomes a more responsible player. One particularly interesting clip showed young Alex going off on a line change with only 4.3 seconds left in a period while the puck was in play in his immediate area.

He takes ridiculously long shifts, doesn’t he?


Check out this odd and awkward Milbury-Ovechkin moment from a few years back. The ever-shady Bob Neumeier helps bring out the weird, as always.


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