steve macintyre vs raitis ivanans

The 2010-11 NHL Season began yesterday. Rather exciting with 5 games spaced out over the day and evening. My favorite had to be the Edmonton-Calgary match-up as I’m a true sucker for the Battle of Alberta. Steve MacIntyre and Raitis Ivanans, a burgeoning little rivalry in itself considering they fought just days ago in the preseason, was the heavyweight slugfest du jour. I won’t post the video because I’m not a big one for clips where guys get injured but suffice to say the big MacIntyre has a solid steel right hand that looks like it weighs about 375 lbs when it hits Ivanans’ left eye. Ouch.

This guy is at home in Edmonton, I think. He could become a bit of a cult hero there with performances like that. He’s goddamn huge, has rock-like hands and is willing and able. Florida might regret not giving him a real shot down there. I bet the Oilers are happy to have a guy like him to protect some of their young stars.

Three of them, including much heralded 2010 number on overall pick Taylor Hall, made their NHL debuts last night. Hall, who has had a less than stellar training camp I guess, was outshone by 2008 first round pick Jordan Eberle who had a goal and an assist in the 4-0 win for the Oil. Apparently, a lot more folk are impressed by he and the young Swede Magnus Paajarvi, another first rounder (2009), than they have been with the teenager Hall. Might be a good thing, though, if it takes pressure off Taylor and allows him time to develop.

taylor hall edmonton oilers
Edmonton Oilers Taylor Hall

Then again, if Tyler Seguin plays well a lot of other folks will want to compare the two and debate the order of the picks. I think it’s safe to say the two will be forever intertwined throughout their professional careers. People, especially in Boston and in Edmonton, will always want to compare the two.

Speaking of which, the Bruins begin tomorrow in Prague. Game time is 12 pm Eastern and the match will take place at O2 Arena versus the Phoenix Coyotes. For what it’s worth, the B’s will be considered the home team tomorrow.

Amidst all the hoopla, some extra celebration for Patrice Bergeron as he signs a three-year $15 Million dollar contact extension. He would have been an RFA next season but the team has obviously decided that he is too valuable a player to mess about with and have locked him in to three more, after which he will become an UFA. Good thing, on my opinion, as Bergeron has shown himself to be the most consistent and reliable forward on the entire team of late.

Future Captain?


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4 Responses to “Underway”

  1. nightfly Says:

    Mark my words – that Seguin kid is crap. Totally overrated. You’ll regret the day you picked second in the 2010 Entry Draft!

    Brian Burke

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    First off let me apologize for all those times I drunk dialed you from the hotel in Prague last night, Brian. Seguin’s first goal was a thing of beauty, eh? You can’t blame me for wanting to celebrate. Even if it meant two litres of vodka and a Czech call girl service. Do yourself and your therapist a favor and finish out of the bottom 10 in the league this year. It would be worth it to me to end all the growling, panting 4 a.m. voicemalls I find on my phone each morning.


    Peter Chiarelli

  3. nightfly Says:


    Speaking of which, you’d be the best guy I know to appreciate this video.

  4. Ken Socrates Says:

    The Phil Kessel-Dion Phaneuf moment just made me spit coffee all over my keyboard in spastic hilarity. Good god, those guys are funny.

    So is Down Goes Brown.

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