Savard Speaks


Marc Savard met very briefly with the media this morning to discuss the Post Concussion symptoms he’s been suffering that will keep him from starting the season with the rest of his Bruins teammates.

From Kevin Paul Dupont on the Globe’s blog this morning:

”I think everything you just summed up there,” said Savard, when a Globe reporter asked if he were dealing with nausea, headache, dizziness, seeing spots, depression, among the more common issues related to concussions and often PCS. “I’ve had issues with everything so far, so….like I said, I have to see the doctors, get the help that I need and go from there.”

On follow-up, when asked which of the symptoms he finds hardest to deal with, Savard noted depression.

”Oh, probably the depression part,” he said, his tone noticeably somber, his emotions clearly stirred. ”That’s probably the toughest, so….that’s it.”

Doesn’t sound good and, from the way his appearance was described, he’s probably shot down most of the conspiracy theorists, myself included, who wondered if there might be more to this than just the medical issues.

The bottom line is that concussions are nothing to fuck with. Depression is something that can be just as disabling as a high ankle sprain or a broken collarbone. Savard has a long road ahead of him and the Bruins, team and management, now have a much more complicated situation to deal with in turn. The player’s health comes first, before any roster or salary cap issues of course, but it will all need to be dealt with in time.

I guess what I’m saying is: Headaches all around.

Meanwhile, nine more players were released from camp.

Defenseman Ryan Button and forwards Craig Cunningham and Jared Knight have all been returned to their respective junior teams.

Defensemen Andrew Bodnarchuk and Jeff Penner and forwards Jordan Knackstedt, Kirk MacDonald and Lane MacDermid were sent down to the Providence Bruins training camp. Joe Rullier was released from his tryout agreement.

Game three of the pre-season tonight at TD Garden versus the Florida Panthers. First one to have TV coverage, broadcast live on NESN at 7:00 pm.


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