Camp Starts; Savard Out


On the eve of the first official day of the Boston Bruins 2010 Training Camp comes the surprising and disturbing news that Marc Savard will not be participating due to lingering issues with the post-concussion syndrome he suffered last season. I think, for most B’s fans, this is something coming right out of left field and I, for one, find the story somewhat suspicious. Maybe it’s my conspiratorial nature or the wind is blowing in from the waterfront again but I smell something fishy.

The facts are these. The Bruins are actively trying to trade Marc Savard and this has led to a profound souring of the relationship between the team and the player. There are those in B’s management who do not think very highly of Savard and I think he realizes this now. He is a proud guy, convinced of his own worth as one of the elite players in the league, and has publicly stated already that he was “hurt” by the trade rumors that were swirling around at the draft.

“They hurt me a little bit just because I went to Boston and I helped to build that team back up…to hear all this stuff this summer bothered me inside more than anything else.”

So now the hurt becomes real?

I don’t know. The fact is he was medically cleared to play last year in the playoffs and, while he wasn’t quite himself for sure, neither he nor the team reported any ill effects in terms of his head injury after he played. So what, I ask, has changed given that he has had an entire summer for further recuperation? I can’t help wondering, whether it originates from the team or Savard or it’s mutual, if there aren’t other reasons for number 91’s absence from camp right now.

Meanwhile, the Bruins have released five players from Camp today. Matt Delahey, Alain Goulet, Joe Pleckaitis, Yannick Riendeau, and Walter Wintoneak have all been given their walking papers. I hope Pleckaitis gets another shot somewhere. That kid can hit.


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