Bruins Islanders Rookie Game One


Tyler Seguin Bruins Rookie Game

Well, 11,571 showed up to see Tyler Seguin but it was another 1st round pick, Jordan Caron, who made an impression tonight at TD Garden. Seguin had two assists but Caron put up the Hat Trick in an exciting, feisty affair that delighted all in attendance. The way the crowd was into it, you’d have thought it was the second half of a home and home with the Habs or something. Roaring on every hit, rocking the building on every goal and slamming the glass on every fight.

People seem happy to have hockey back in town, that’s for sure.

A truly fun night at the rink (especially for one happy six year old who got her first puck by flashing a gap-toothed smile at the right bull gang member).

Highlights and thoughts:

  • Caron seems like a natural goal scorer, a real player, the sort of kid who’s talent makes everything he does seem easy. A quick impression of his style makes me think of Simon Gagne. There’s every chance this kid could be riding the wing with the Big Club sooner rather than later if this sort of thing continues in camp. Likely he’s going to make Michael Ryder and Marco Sturm seem like distant memories before too very long.
  • The big hitter of the night was one Joe Plekaitis (number 86 in your program) I counted four flat out nasty, clean shoulder hits from the kid, a couple not four feet from where we were sitting in the B’s offensive zone. It’s not just that the kid had the energy and the jam to run around trying to lay people out but he had the timing and the ability to do it well. On the second hit right in front of me the Islanders defenseman actually saw him coming and planted himself to respond but Plekaitis laid him out nonetheless. Couple great thumps that set the tone for a great B’s second period. Plekaitis is an undrafted rookie camp invitee.
  • Joe Colborne is a big kid, for sure, but I’ve yet to see what it is exactly that going to turn him into any sort of player at the pro level. Maybe it’s me and I’m an idiot but I just don’t see much there. His size and the unfortunate choice to wear No. 39 make me once again think of Joel Prpic. Not what you want your career prospects to be when you’re a 1st round NHL draft pick. Colborne got laid out by little Islanders bastard boy Justin DiBenedetto, who seemed to be at the center of a lot of yapping and shoving. We all noticed him decline a fight with Tyler Randell off of a faceoff at one point, only to make his mark later on with a cheap shot elbow that sent Colborne off the ice for repairs and DiBenedetto to the locker room with a 5-minute major and a game misconduct.
  • Steve Kampfer wore the “C” and played fairly steadily on defense, as did most of the B’s blueliners. Swift movement of the puck and active at the points. Solid body work on the boards at times when needed.
  • Seguin did have two assists and was fast and smooth, as advertised. He looked a bit winded I thought, early in the game and seemed to warm up as the contest went on. My feeling is that I’d like to see what he can do later in camp when his conditioning and rhythm are more finely tuned. I’m not saying he looked out of shape but there was something a bit lackluster about his showing tonight. Maybe expectations are a bit too high, who knows. If a guy can grab two helpers on an off night, I’m eager to see what happens when he’s on his game. More to come on this story, of course.
  • Same time and place tomorrow night, folks. Head over if you have the chance.


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    4 Responses to “Bruins Islanders Rookie Game One”

    1. nightfly Says:

      Hang on a minute, Ken…. DiBo may not have actually hit Colborne. (NESN link, btw, so I’m trying to avoid any bias!)

      I would agree that if DiBo led with the elbow, he deserved his five minutes, even if it didn’t land. This stuff has got to stop. I think the league and the refs had Savard in mind on the play as well.

    2. Ken Socrates Says:

      No, you’re right ‘fly. In fact, I intended to update this one after reading that it was likely a B’s stick that opened up Colborne but never got ’round to it. I fully expected someone to correct me on it and leave it to an Isles man to do it, you bastard. You should’ve come to Boston for the series. Five dollar tickets leaves a lot of room for beer money.

      From where I was sitting in the far corner of the rink all we could see after the incident was Colborne going off with a towel to on his face and then DiBenedetto getting the 5 and the gate. In the blurry late evening hours when I wrote this one I hadn’t yet seen Chiarelli and others comments about what really happened.

      DiBo is one of those guys that gets under the skin, though, eh? He seemed to be in the middle of it constantly that night and the next. The locals hot to see him take some punishment before it was over.

      Sorry to see you putting the blog to rest, by the way. I know how it is, though. There’s only seems to be so much gas in the tank sometimes and it becomes a struggle. Meanwhile, I bookmarked Lighthouse Hockey and fully invite you to hang out with us here, as well. The more the merrier, I say.

      As long as everyone is well lubricated, that is.

    3. nightfly Says:

      Thanks, man.

      There was talk among the LHH sorts who planned to make the trip to Boston with a meetup afterwards. Had a big family event that weekend so I couldn’t participate. Would have loved it. I’m a little envious that you got to see the sweet new Isles threads live!

    4. ラッシュガード クイックシルバー Says:

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