Alive & Kicking

Boston Bruins Logo Painting


Ah, September! The summer heat has ended, the nights are cool, the air seems clean and alive. There’s the scent of something in the air and it’s not just the lingering smoke from cars burning in the streets of Montreal.

It’s hockey time again.

The season is approaching. You can feel it in your bones. Like a nasty Dale Hunter slash to the left shin. Maybe slightly more subtle than that but it’s there, for sure.

I know I’ve been a bit absent from HGW for a little while but, then again, so have you, right? It’s hard to stay too preoccupied with the frozen arts when it’s 95 and humid. You’re thinking of the beach, of going on vacation, swimming, fishing, boating. Cookouts, thong bikinis. Midget porn (what? summer means different things to different people). You spend your days sweltering then wondering why you smell like a particularly bad italian sub at day’s end. It can be fun at times but it wears on you. You start to crave icy things.

Then the calendar turns to September 1st or, better yet, Labor Day hits and everything changes.

Time to start thinking Puck again.

Time to start puttin’ on the foil.

In that spirit, let this post serve as the official announcement of the return of HGW to active status. Look for a site overhaul and some new features here, coming soon. I’ve got tickets to next week’s rookie games at the TD Garden against the Islanders, games which will which no doubt feature one Tyler Seguin, so a scouting we shall go.

Here, to get you in the mood, is the training camp roster and schedule for the Boston Bruins.

And, to answer your question, yes, I missed you. Like the desert misses the rain. Like Tom Sizemore misses meth. I missed you all.

Did you miss me?

Oh, and for a bit of a pictorial sampling of what I’ve been up to feel free check out What Ken Did This Summer.


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