Black and Gold in Belfast


The Bruins have announced the key dates of their pre-season schedule and it includes some rather interesting stuff not usually found on your average Wilmington itinerary.

After the full opening of training camp on September 17th and the usual slate of practices and pre-season games, the B’s are off on a National Lampoon style European Vacation and have announced a few off-the-beaten-path exhibition games which will take place before the much heralded Season Opener against the Coyotes in Prague on October 9th.

The most interesting of which will be when they head to Northern Ireland to play the Belfast Giants Select at Odyssey Arena in Belfast on October 2nd.

A little video featuring Giants GM Todd Kelman and new B’s President Cam Neely gives some insight into the details of the trip and just how “massive” it is for the locals to get a visit from the Black and Gold. It seems that if you’re an NHL fan in Ireland, chances are the B’s are your boys. It only makes sense given the embedded historical ties between Boston and the Emerald Isle.

Cam says he’s going on the trip. He wants a bunch of drunken Bruins fans to accompany him, too, I’m sure. Please tell me Terry O’Reilly will be there, too. It’s only right, isn’t it? Maybe bring Jay Miller and Lyndon Byers along just for laughs. Bruce Shoebottom if he’s available. Tell me that won’t be a good time.

The only thing is they could have just held the game at a municipal rink in Southie against a local beer league squad and had a similar experience. Saved a couple bucks on air fare.

Apparently, the team that will face the Bruins will be an All-Star Team from the United Kingdom’s Elite Ice Hockey League, though. HGW has obtained a promotional photo of the uniforms the Giants will be wearing that night.

belfast giants select

Guinness for everyone!


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