Savard To Columbus? Doubtful


Puck Daddy does a pretty decent job of sifting through the real possibilities of the recent rumor that Peter Chiarelli could be on the verge of trading Marc Savard and Blake Wheeler to the Columbus Blue Jackets for the 4th overall pick in the draft. It certainly does appear that the possibilities are close to zero but you never know. Is this a case of smoke and fire or just a some media generated hype based on an offhand comment and a distant source?

I think the latter. Just because it sounds enticing and, on the surface, might fill needs for both teams doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Most trades in the NHL don’t make that level of sense.

Which brings me to Jaroslav Halak.

In case you haven’t heard, the Montreal Canadiens traded their heralded post-season wunderkind (the next Ken Dryden/Patrick Roy, remember?) to the St. Louis Blues for two prospects, Lars Eller and Ian Schultz. It’s a head-scratching move as the team dispatches a goaltender who showed flashes of pure brilliance in the post season and re-anoints the troubled Carey Price as the default starter for the club. It certainly looks, at the time of this snapshot, like a deal that could go down as one of the worst in Canadiens history.

Red Fisher thinks it’s “a nightmare trade”. I imagine many in Habs fandom agree.

Monster gamble by Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier. I can only assume that Eller and Schultz scored phenomenally on their Entry Level Diving Tests and management just had to have them at any cost.


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