Hawks Gain Edge


blackhawks game 5

The Dustin Byfuglien Coming Out Party continued last night as the blossoming power forward of the Chicago Blackhawks scored twice, added two assists and the Windy City boys stormed their way to within one game of bringing the Stanley Cup to town. In fact, it will be on hand Wednesday night in Philadelphia for Game 6, as the Flyers face elimination for the first time in the series. Given their propensity to Die Hard, I still see some great odds for a Game 7 to finish this thing off. Hell, maybe even overtime.

Two things about Byfuglien, now that it appears this guy is a genuine force to be reckoned with here. First, I need to apologize for the Chris Kontos reference. Granted, he needs to show more than 17 goals in the regular season to completely shake the comparison but I’m veering away from fluke flash in the pan descriptions right now. He’s just been too good. Second, and this is a by product of his excellent play and likely a phenomenon happening behind the scenes at hockey blogs all over North America, I can now spell his name and, thus, insert his name into posts without the use of “cut and paste”.

Now that’s some fame for you.

This series has been anything but dull, hasn’t it? Another 11 goals last night and, while the Hawks came out on fire and looked to blast Philly out of their building like crazed juggernauts, the Flyers just stay strong and keep counter punching. Those bastards just do not know the meaning of the word “quit”. They’re like the sports version of the scum bags on Celebrity Rehab. No matter what happens, they can’t give it up. Even in the third, they’re clawing back to withing two to make it interesting. I figured Hawks-Flyers might be a decent series but I never figured it would be this entertaining. Hoped but not expected.

The thing is, last night the Hawks did what the Bruins never could when Philly started chipping away at the lead. Up 3-0 after the first and the Flyers’ Scott Hartnell scores a quick one to make it 3-1, I start having flashbacks to Game 7 in Boston. Chicago, however, returned fire immediately. Got back on their horses and, less than three minutes later, restored that 3 goal lead off the stick of Patrick Kane. In fact, every time Philly scored the Hawks responded in kind. If the Bruins had that sort of confidence and drive, they might still be playing.

That’s why I like the Hawks to bring it all home in the end and say goodbye to 49 years of frustration.

One more time, typing freestyle: Byfuglien.

Damn, I’m good.


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4 Responses to “Hawks Gain Edge”

  1. KofC Says:

    Nice, people can spell Byfuglien and not just say “Big Buff” all the time (which is on the front of t-shirts available at Walgreens now). I already commented on the high goal number in the last post…I had a little panic with the early 3-0 lead too but then remembered, well, this isn’t the Bruins.

    The series is a little less “entertaining” when seeing my team lose two straight for the first time this postseason. I admit it’s entertaining to see the wild mood swings of Chicago fans (not having lived in any other city with major league sports I don’t know if we’re worse this way, but it seems like it).

    Blogger has been down for 12 hours so don’t think we’re all being quiet post-game. Damn, just when I almost felt like writing something again…

  2. Chippy McGuinness Says:

    Don’t go getting too attached to that Byfuglien dude. I took a contract out on him this morning. He may not see the Finals through to the end if all goes as planned.

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    Good thing he registered at his hotel in Philly under a random, anonymous assumed name that no one would ever look twice at.

    Eric Lindros.

  4. Chippy McGuinness Says:

    Well, if he ends up with a concussion after being tied and dragged behind a Ford F150 down Broad Street, it wasn’t me.

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