As One Door Closes…


I fart on your coaching offer!

The search for the new bench general in Columbus is over in what is the weirdest turn of events for the decade-old franchise. For weeks, fingers were pointed toward Guy Boucher, first year coach of the Hamilton Bulldogs, whose unique 1-3-1 player formation dominated the AHL in its course towards the Calder Cup Championship and was good enough to get them past the first round. Word is that Boucher holds degrees in history, sports psychology, and environmental biology. He also has a set of titanium balls; upon being offered his first ever NHL job, he immediately told the Jackets that he’d think about it.

When news broke earlier today that Boucher had rejected the offer, Blue Jackets fans who dreamed of their defense playing a system completely anathema to their abilities (what else is new) became très désolé. Meanwhile, CBJ GM Scott Howson ended up looking like a dolt. Howson put the coach search on hold so as to give Boucher a shot at the job. With his first choice sticking in the Habs’ family and one-time Jackets player Kevin Dineen possibly joining Steve Yzerman in Tampa Bay, the future looked dark.

Arniel Ready to Rumble?!

For about an hour or so.

No sooner was the bitter aftertaste of Boucher fail tainting the maws of collective Jackets backers than news leaked out that Scott Arniel will be named head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets at a 3pm news conference on Tuesday. Take that, frenchies.

I’ll post more of my thoughts on this as I learn about Arniel. Stay tuned, folks.


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One Response to “As One Door Closes…”

  1. Ken Socrates Says:

    It’s funny but I remember Arniel more for the 90’s that he spent in the IHL than I do for the 80’s when he was an Adams Division opponent with the Buffalo Sabres. Even had a cup of coffee with the Bruins in 91-92 at the end of his NHL days but, then again, so did a lot of guys back then (whither have you flown Petri Skriko?).

    His record as Head Coach of the Manitoba Moose was 181-106-33 over four seasons. Not too shabby, I must say.

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