Seidenberg & Swamp Thing


The Bruins have signed Dennis Seidenberg to 4-year extension worth a reported $13 million total, taking an annual bite of $3.25 million out of the team’s salary cap number. has them now with an estimated $4.3 million left under the 2010-11 cap and a truckload of RFA’s to sign and Johnny Boychuk still out there headed for unrestricted free agency. Peter Chiarelli has his work cut out for him if he wants to improve this team at forward and, with a certain amount of unmovable dead weight on the books for the upcoming season, both the trade market and potential free agent signings are looking like swampy territory to traverse.

But who knows? Maybe he’ll realize he’s not Alec Holland anymore and find a way to rise up and greet the sun.

A few other Things to consider:

Alright, I know I asked for this but there are times, I admit, I just don’t think things through. Nevertheless, we now have a Three Game Series to decide the Stanley Cup and it begins tonight. I still like the Hawks and not just because I want to piss off Chippy McGuinness. On the contrary, I’d prefer not to have to spend the next two months moving from motel to motel across the country under a neverending variety of assumed names. No, I just still think Chicago is the better team overall and, while Philly has shown they truly do belong in the finals with them, the Hawks will make good use of home ice advantage and pull this thing out.

It’s likely to take seven to do so, though. And watch out tonight, Chicagoans. Laviolette is a smart enough coach to understand the true importance of tonight’s game and have his team lay it all out there in the hopes of stealing this one and giving the Flyers the edge. Hawks need to be prepared to go one level higher.

As my man Gonz is once again AWOL, likely gone walkabout and lost somewhere in the wilds of the Daniel Boone National Forest with a knapsack full of Beefeaters and some Robert Anton Wilson, I’ll have to be the one to chime in on the Blue Jacket’s attempt to make Guy Boucher the youngest coach in the current NHL. Some in Columbus think it’s a big risk hiring a guy with a single year of head coaching experience, that being 2009-10 as head of the Hamilton Bulldogs, the Habs’ AHL affiliate. There’s also the thought that his style might not jive too well with the limitations of the Jacket’s current roster, specifically the lack of puck mobility on defense. Here’s hoping it works out well as the faithful in CBJ land haven’t got much love from their team of late and are due. They screw it up again and all the gin in the world won’t dull the pain.

Apparently the Edmonton Oilers have recently discovered YouTube and hired the kid from Wargames to help them decide between Tyler Seguin and Taylor Hall in the upcoming entry draft. No word on whether Joshua will have any say in the matter or if he just wants another game of tic-tac-toe.

If you need a laugh, and I don’t just mean you, Joel Quenneville, check out the latest from Down Goes Brown, How Do You Pronounce “Byfuglien”? Don’t be sipping a Green Tea while you watch it or you’re going to need to clean off your keyboard.

Just love the tone of this conversation between Bobby Hull and Yvan Cournoyer about their mutual hatred of the Philadelphia Flyers.

“Bobby, I no like ’em since I was born.”

Go get ’em, Chip.


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5 Responses to “Seidenberg & Swamp Thing”

  1. gonz Says:

    At the moment, I’m in hiding. If I see my shadow, it means six more weeks of deliberation from Boucher.

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    If you see your shadow it means you’ve stopped being nocturnal which can mean only one thing.


  3. KofC Says:

    Chicago’s going to be a pretty tense place for the next 60+ hours…well, not like Philly won’t also. With the 11 goals tonight this series has the most goals of any SCF since 1994 (in 7 games) and the last to have 40 in 5 games was 1981 (just some stuff I overheard). I might be in the mood to blog about all this soon, we’ll see…I don’t mind having the extra day (and the Calder Cup’s been pretty exciting this year, too).

  4. Chippy McGuinness Says:

    Bobby Hull is a stupid twat.

  5. Ken Socrates Says:

    Get it right, Chippy.

    Bobby Hull is a stupid Nazi twat.

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