Don Cherry: “Let Frenchie Die”


So you might have heard the story already of how HNIC host Ron MacLean saved a guy’s life the other day in Philadelphia when he helped pull a distraught man from the Delaware River.

MacLean was having lunch on a patio by the Delaware River with Don Cherry when a woman with a “heavy French accent” came in and said “help, help there’s someone in the water.”

“We jump up and I grabbed a velvet rope off one of the dividers they have in the restaurant,” MacLean said.

“I thought that’d be useful to help pull the guy out of the water.”

“When I finally get back to Don, he said, ‘Well that’s just great, I was telling a great story about Dave Bolland and you go running off.’ “

While MacLean’s actions are admirable, I’m more interested in the fact that Don Cherry apparently sat there jamming baby back ribs into his face while a man’s life was in danger mere feet away from his table. This, the man so eager to call NHL players cowards for their actions in a fight, sits idly by with a fistful of waffle fries in his greasy paws as a desperate struggle for life happened before his very eyes.

I guess that’s what happens when you cry for help around Don Cherry in a “heavy french accent”. Probably just assumed the guy in the water was from Saint-Laurent, grunted and bent back over that Shrimp Scampi. The brightly colored plaid napkin tucked under his collar never even rustled.

Of course, if the person had run up and screamed “Someone is aboot to die!” he might have at least looked up from his caramel covered cheesecake. Maybe told an assistant to run down and have a look, scare up a bit of a bio so he could claim he knew him since he was twelve.

Nice job, Grapes. I mean, it’s only thanks to Ron MacLean that you’re not being charged today with Negligent Homicide.

Probably even paid for the lunch, too.


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2 Responses to “Don Cherry: “Let Frenchie Die””

  1. KofC Says:

    Cherry had better at least call him a “good Canadian boy” for that. (Even though MacLean’s 50. And was technically born in Germany, but because his father was in the military. OK, so I ended up looking at his Wikipedia page…)

  2. gonz Says:

    The trick is to work “Kingston” into the call for help. That way, Cherry’d strip off all of his clothes, dive into the water, and hulk the person onto his own shoulders. Then, instead of giving mouth-to-mouth, Cherry’d just kick him in the side to get all of the water out.

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