Chris Pronger: Puck Thief


chris pronger puck thief

So this thing with Chris Pronger stealing the game pucks at the end of the first two games of the Cup Finals in Chicago has taken on a little bit of a life of it’s own. Is it gamesmanship, with Pronger trying to irritate the Hawks and somehow gain some sort of unidentifiable mental edge? If so, it’s a strange, feeble attempt I think.

Does he need money, as some in Chicago are suggesting? Should we be looking on eBay for a new auction: 2010 Stanley Cup Game Puck. No Reserve. Paypal Only. Listed by Prongie20, feedback rating of 94.4% thanks to a game-used Mighty Ducks jersey that got lost by UPS. Supposedly.

My favorite reaction has to be from the Blackhawks’ Adam Burish.

“I don’t care. I don’t know what he wants pucks for. Maybe he gives them to his kids, I don’t know. Whatever he wants to do with the pucks, I don’t care. I’ll sign him one if he wants.”

I think the guys in Chicago are a little more focused on the goal they currently stand 2 wins away from than to be distracted by something as oddly and obviously juvenile as this. In the end, only Pronger can really tell us why he’s done it and what on Earth it was he was hoping to, but failed to, accomplish.

Still, it would be nice to see an insane NFL style all out pigpile on the ice at the final whistle of tonight’s game as 12 guys at once go diving and scrambling for that puck.

Maybe when the series ends, eh?

Because that one’s going to be worth a crapload.


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5 Responses to “Chris Pronger: Puck Thief”

  1. nightfly Says:

    Maybe he uses them to sharpen his elbows.

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    I thought he had a medieval style whetstone grinding wheel for that.

  3. nightfly Says:

    Probably at home, but a puck is more portable. He can take them on the road with one of those apple peeler/corer contraptions and fire it up in any hotel room.

  4. Ken Socrates Says:

    This is what I like about you, ‘fly. Insight, new ideas, different perspectives.

    Because, until now, the phrase “fire it up in the hotel room” had a completely different meaning to me.

  5. Fellows Says:

    Pronger achieved exactly what he wanted to do… created something for his team to rally around while at the same time piss Chicago players and fans off.

    Buffy did the same thing in Vancouver when he purposely celebrated to the crowd when he scored…

    Pronger as much as you may want to hate him or his actions is smart… he’s gotten Buffy, Eager, Kane, Hossa and Toews off thier games and has done so within the rules. Every team has a few players that do this…

    Pronger has turned this into a 3 game series… his team and fans love him and that’s all that matters…

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