Peter Laviolette’s Hair


peter laviolette

I just need an explanation of this one, please. What’s the story? Is it profuse sweating as it seemed in the press conference I was just watching on the NHL Network (now available on my provider in HD, thank you very much). Is it a case of too much hair gel while going for an ill-advised slicked back look? I know I’ve seen pictures where his hair doesn’t look quite as much like he been recently swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

Help me out, here. It’s not like it’s a balding situation he’s trying to cover up, I don’t think. Looks like he’s got a full head there. Hell, he’s even got the Ray Bourque hairline where you’ve only got about two and a half inches of actual forehead going. Any lower and you’d have trouble seeing where the eyebrows ended.

I’m just asking.

Because no one needs to see that much of another man’s pink scalp, as far as I’m concerned.

Not while you’re just trying to enjoy some decent hockey, anyway.


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3 Responses to “Peter Laviolette’s Hair”

  1. Chippy McGuiness Says:

    It’s hair. Hair. Gaydar in full swing.

  2. Rick Pucci Says:

    Jealous because hes not a fatass like bostons coach?

  3. danielle Says:

    thank you. his hair is worse than Trump’s. terrible. get hair plugs, Laviolette. or a wig. something. he has two different parts going on. it’s so distracting every time they show him… and yeah, Chippy it’s hair… but he’s on national tv often. he has enough money to get a haircut that doesn’t look like it was given with a flowbee.

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