Stevie Y New GM In TB


steve yzerman tampa bay lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning have called a 3 p.m. press conference to announce legendary Detroit Red Wings center and Hall of Famer Steve Yzerman as their new General Manager. Fresh from his success as the Executive Director of Gold Medal winning Team Canada at the 2010 Olympics, Yzerman had been a hot commodity to get a job in upper management somewhere in the NHL next season. His landing spot is now confirmed as the replacement for the fired Brian Lawton in Tampa.

Two issues present themself to me here.

First, does being able to assemble a successful squad of Canadian Olympians and serving as a “Vice President and Alternate Governor” for the Red Wings really qualify one to step in and overhaul a floundering NHL franchise? The former is essentially like playing Fantasy Hockey as you’re weeding through a stack of All-Stars and deciding which few superstars you’re going to have to leave off the team. The latter, and I apologize if I’m wrong in this assumption, seem a bit like figurehead titles to keep a wildly popular, all time great player visible in your organization. How much of the day to day running of the Detroit Red Wings did Yzerman really do, I wonder?

Second, and this is purely aesthetic and will once again betray my disdain for the southern NHL franchises, won’t it seem completely weird for Steve Frickin’ Yzerman to be working for the Tampa Bay Frickin’ Lightning? I mean, a guy who spent his entire career wearing the Winged Wheel, spent so many years as the face of that franchise, is now headed to the Sunshine State? From the Joe Louis Arena to the St. Pete Times Forum?

It just seems wrong.

I’ll be honest, at the heart of my concern here is that I adored Steve Yzerman as a player and I don’t want to see him fail in a place as miserable as Tampa. Not that it could ever taint his legacy as one of the classiest, most talented guys ever to pull on that red uniform but it’s not a place you want to see your heroes go to suffer.

And if it seems like I’m unfairly equating the state of Florida with some dark ages vision of a hot, torturous Hell populated by writhing, horrible souls screaming for release from their fiery torment?

It’s because I am.


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2 Responses to “Stevie Y New GM In TB”

  1. Chippy McGuinness Says:

    I have never forgiven that little bitch or any of the Detroit Red Wings for the Stanley Cup sweep over the Flyers back in ’97. The bitterness will linger until the day that I die. When I utter the words “kill…19” on my deathbed, no need to go on some Citizen Kane-esque quest to learn the meaning of those final words.

  2. Ken Socrates Says:

    You should probably be saying “kill…88”. Remember how Terry Murray himslef used the “c” word in reference to Eric and the boys during those finals and it ultimately got him fired?

    Although with his speech impediment he could very easily have been asking for a soda.

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