Black & Gold Makes Blue


bruins game 7 loss

Here in the aftermath of the most horrific playoff loss of my Bruins Fan-Life it’s been difficult sorting through all the emotions and attempting to get over a crushing defeat like that. I think the bottom line is that we might never get over it. Not until the team can hoist a Stanley Cup will this be at least somewhat forgotten or forgiven. There’s anger, sadness, hopelessness, horror, disbelief. You name it.

It feels like being gutted. Like being dumped by someone you love. There’s a monstrous emptiness where your hockey dreams had been and it feels like nothing will ever fill that space again. Up 3 games to none. Up 3-0 in Game 7. Then it’s all ripped away with a tearing sensation that is almost physical in nature. Like your heart being ripped out.

Think I’m exaggerating? Being melodramatic? Don’t judge until you’ve been through it, my friends. Remember. Only 3 NHL teams in history have.

Other reactions and commentary from around the ‘net:

Barstool Sports calls it the Worst Loss in the History of Mankind. Period. Hard to argue.

Puck Daddy suggests our pain will last forever. Sure feels that way.

Kevin Paul Dupont uses words like Sadistic, Haunting, Worse Than Awful. Quite agree.

Barry Melrose says worse loss ever in the history of the Boston Bruins. Yep.

Not a pretty sight around here right now, folks.


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8 Responses to “Black & Gold Makes Blue”

  1. toni Says:

    This isn’t hurting me that much.. is that bad?

  2. KofC Says:

    I wasn’t quite as crushed as I thought I’d be, but then of course I’m not in Boston and I still have a team in the playoffs. Realistically, I didn’t know how far the B’s could get anyway…but then, I didn’t think they’d lose that horribly.

    I was feeling better, but then in the past hour I looked at the Bruins website for the first time since the game and I’ll admit that depressed me.

  3. toni Says:

    I’m right next to boston like 10 minutes away, and im not that hurt. i’m gonna miss watching the b’s play, but thhen again next season is like 4 months away. i knew when they gave up that second game, it was over. theres always next year!

  4. nightfly Says:

    This is pretty damn bad, and I feel for you.

    I was thinking… in ’75 Pitt passed this torch to the Isles. In ’04 the Yankees took it upon themselves to take the torch to Boston. Now Boston (thanks B’s) passes things to Philly… same state as Pittsburgh.

    Nice symmetry and all, I suppose – but couldn’t Atlanta or Chicago or something get involved here?

    I’ve also noticed that cities/regions tend to have these stretches where everyone looks good all at once: Philly had one from ’74-’83 with the Flyers, the Sixers winning a Finals and going to another, the Phils winning a bunch of divisions and their (up til then) only WS, the Eagles went to their first Super Bowl… even Rocky was from Philly. Boston had a run in the past decade with the Pats, Sox, and Celtics. Hate to even think this, but is Philly gearing up for a run? The Sixers suck, but the Flyers look good, the Eagles look very good, and the Phils look great.

  5. Chippy McGuinness Says:

    Me? I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. But then I thought of you and your suffering and after that, I starting HOWLING.

  6. Ken Socrates Says:

    I’d been wondering where you were during all this, McGuinness. Besides on your back somwhere with your legs in the air, that is. Sure, laugh at my pain like you always do. I mean what’s the difference between this and the time you impaled both my thighs with a speargun in Clearwater?

    I’ll tell you the difference. This time it’s through the heart, you razor clawed harpie. This time it’s not just my flesh you’ve destroyed it’s my very spirit. I know. How does that make me different from a thousand other visitors to the Anaheim Convention Center who had the misfortune of coming across your Craig’s List ad?

    Because I shall rise again, woman. And so will the Bruins. This is not the end. I may be bloodied and broken right now but I’m not dead yet. Even if it’s just to spite you, I shall return.

    Thank you, Chippy McGuinness. In your own strange, vicious way you’ve renewed my will to live.

    And I’m pretty sure I’m the only guy who’s encountered you who can say that.

  7. Chippy McGuinness Says:

    I spent the first part of the series attempting to procure warheads to drop on the city of Boston, but then my beloved Flyers managed to turn things around and make your Teddy Bears look like fat sissies. It was beautiful.

    And how many times do I have to apologize for the speargun incident? I told you I was aiming for the Scientologists. The fact that I hit you was an accident. Both times.

  8. Ken Socrates Says:

    You’re completely heartless and evil.

    What are you doing this weekend?

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