Dreaming of a Seventh Heaven

milan lucic hat trick

Milan Lucic Celebrates His Hat Trick Goal In The Third Period of the Bruins Dramatic Game Seven Win Over The Flyers in Boston

Just an amazing game at the Garden tonight as the Boston Bruins came out with hearts on fire to a loud, jubilant, rowdy home crowd who cheered them on to a resounding 5-1 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers in Boston tonight. The streets of the Hub remain filled with celebrating Bruins fans as they bask in the glow of a Game 7 win and look forward to a historic match-up in the Eastern Conference Finals against bitter rivals the Montreal Canadiens.

The B’s came out flying in the first buoyed by early goals, first one from Michael Ryder and then two from surging power forward Milan Lucic. They punished the Flyers at every opportunity and took the offensive play to them wave after wave with seemingly every line going hard and getting chances. The roar inside TD Garden just never let up. Every shot, every hit. The sound was thunderous. This was what we had been waiting for. This was the team we bled Black and Gold for.

And they responded. In the second, they bore down even more, putting a late 1st period goal by James Van Riemsdyk easily behind them and focusing on the task ahead like hell-bent demons. The hitting continued relentlessy led by tower of strength Zdeno Chara, as mean as he is big, knocking anyone in orange and black who dared ender his sphere sprawling to the ice. Led by their Captain, the defense crushed chance after chance just as they crushed the hopes of a floundering Flyers team.

On offense, Marc Savard came alive and laid out a sweet dish to beleaguered wing Blake Wheeler on a rush up ice and Wheels buried the one timer to put the B’s up 4-1. The sagging on the Flyers bench was visible as they began to sense they were beaten. On came the Bruins. It was like they never missed David Krejci at all as all four lines picked up the slack. Begin and Thornton grinding their way to the net and causing goal crease scrum after scrum, getting right in the Flyers faces. Bergeron and Recchi winning battles along the boards with no regard for their own bodies. Every forward crashing against the Philly D like rabid badgers. It was an awe inspiring sight to see.

It was like they were saying, “This is our house. You don’t come into our house and push us around. No way.”

More of the same in the third. The Bruins pressure never relented and the desperate Flyers pulled Michael Leighton for an extra attacker and that’s when Looch picked up the hat trick as he took an unselfish feed from Patrice Bergeron and buried the puck into an open net.

The building goes wild. The hats come raining down on the ice like falling rose petals to honor the valiant victors who have struggled so hard for those faithful people in the stands, the ones who adore them so much.

The old, hard core devotees. The youngsters who look up to them in admiration. Die hard middle aged adults who have never, in their lifetime, felt the joy of a Bruins championship despite the years of blood and soul and heartfelt emotion they have invested in this team. Only to have their hopes crushed year after year in the most debilitating fashion possible.

But not this year, boys.

This year, you did it. This year you kept the dream alive. This year you rewarded our faithfulness and devotion.

You did it. For us.

Thank you, Boston Bruins. Thank you so much.

What’s that song I keep hearing in the distance…? Like a faint echo… sort of haunting…? Can’t quite make it out…


Oh, well.

Bring on them Habs!


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4 Responses to “Dreaming of a Seventh Heaven”

  1. KofC Says:

    This has me in tears…I’m not sure what sort of tears, though. Wow.

  2. nightfly Says:

    I had a similar idea… only more depressing.

  3. Ken Socrates Says:

    Depressing? But they won, ‘fly. They won. True, the events after the 1st intermission are a little bit hazy but I know they came up big and brought it home for the city and their loyal fans. Right?

    Seriously, and I thank you both and the rest of my readers for the support, I’m sorry you guys had to see me like this.

    Even a fur hat and sunglasses can’t disguise the sight of a grown man sobbing.

  4. Ozzy McGurt Says:

    This is fantastic Ken!!! I can’t believe we get to watch both of our teams in the conference finals!! Just imagine Ken. Won’t it be awesome to see my Avalanche and your Bruins battling it out in the finals, one of them hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup? I’ve got two tickets to all games, that way we both can be there, no matter who wins or where, to celebrate with each other. Awesome! Just awesome!

    …..What the fuck is that noise? Ken, did you install some stupid soundtrack on your site? What the fuck IS that? Sounds just like my alarm clock. Wait……No………NO!!…………NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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