Pat Burns Would Never Say This


“I’ve seen a lot of teams lose a game and come back and be better the next night. Why shouldn’t we be one of those?” – Claude Julien before Game 6

Jacques Lemaire would never say it, either. Scotty Bowman? I don’t think so. Don Cherry would rather swallow his own tongue.

Not exactly words of inspiration, are they? Not exactly Herb Brooks material.

For me, this sort of crystalizes the passive philosophy of the Bruins at it’s worst. Non-agressive, non-assertive. Before a game where everything should be on the line, where you should be embarrassed at the effort of the previous game, where you should be mad as hell at yourself at your team.

And your attitude is “We should be better. We might be better. Other teams have lost and then won a game.”

How about, “WE WILL BE BETTER“.

Now is the time to start sounding like King Theoden before the Ride of the Rohirrim. Not like Mr. Bleeping Rogers on a high dose of muscle relaxants.

Maybe now we know how a team can be so flat when it’s all on the line, eh?

Coach’s Decision.


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