Closing Time


A Seventh Game is an exciting thing. They’ll be playing one in Pittsburgh tonight where the Stanley Cup Champion Penguins will try to hold off the charge of the Underdog Who Won’t Go Away Montreal Canadiens. It’s likely to be an intense affair; exciting, hard-hitting, emotional. Everything on the line in one game. Every goal a potential game breaker. It will be fun to watch like most seventh games usually are.

That said, I don’t really want to see the Bruins play in one. I want them to wrap up their series tonight in Game 6 in Philadelphia and take all the drama right out of things. This being their third chance to end the series and move on to the Conference Finals, I think it’s about time they did so.

With the Blackhawks winning last night and advancing to meet San Jose in the Western Conference Finals, there’s a chance that the Final Four in the NHL could be set after tonight’s games if the Bruins can do their jobs. One way or the other, we’ll know the winner of the Habs-Pens series so that leaves only the B’s-Flyers with the potential for more action after this evening.

I’d rather it end tonight, thank you very much.


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